Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I had a dream.....

That one day hundreds of children would be fed, educated, and given a chance to live because 9 big time bloggers of the blogger world flew to Uganda to tell you and I what they saw.

Okay, so it wasn't my dream, but in fact, Shaun Groves' dream and you know what---IT WORKED!

So Compassion has sent 8 more and a photographer off to the Dominican Republic this week and we are invited to travel along.....on their blogs, of course!

Here is a clip from one blogger's blog:

"Tomorrow at 5:30 I am saying goodbye to my mother and my sisters and taking a bus to the airport. Here are a list of things I'm going to miss: My family (my dad not included since he'll be with me), my teachers, my friends, my friends at church, my house, my bed, and my Wii"

Oh, you heard that right. He is going to miss his Wii. Strange coming from a blogger who is traveling to the Dominican Republic to blog about children living in poverty. Isn't it....

Maybe not so strange. See, this blogger (unlike all the others going) could have very well been one of the children he is about to meet--had he been born hundreds and hundreds of miles away. He is at the ripe, ol' age of 8. Not 28. Not even 18. EIGHT.

You can read his blog HERE.

There are already some very great reads from the other bloggers. You can read all of their posts at a one-stop shop HERE. You may even recognize a couple of the bloggers.

I'm excited to read their posts this week. Why? Well, it's raw and without limitations. These bloggers are free to say and do as they see. What better way to learn more about Compassion and what they are doing to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Please be praying for them this week.

Sponsor a child right now from the Dominican Republic.

Your $32 a month and letters+Jesus=giving hope and a future to children who need you!

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Juli Jarvis said...

This is the BEST introduction to the "Blogging from the Dominican Republic" theme I've seen all week! How cleverly written -- no wonder we want to keep you writing!

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