Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Good and the Bad!

My day so far.....

Good: We have a truck that Chris drives to and fro to work.
Bad: Chris' truck broke down on the way to work yesterday.
Good: He was close to work and someone went and picked him up so I didn't have to wake Aleeyah early to come get him.
Bad: We had to spend $800 to fix it.
Good: We have an emergency fund to cover such an expense.
Bad: Chris' truck began overheating on the way to work today after spending the $800 on all new coolant system parts and labor
Good: He wasn't very far from home. So he was able to baby it home and get my car to take to work.
Bad: We still don't know what the problem is.

moving past the truck issue for now.....

Good: When I weighed this morning I found that I have lost another 4 lbs since Monday from doing what I should have been doing all along-eating!
Good: Aleeyah and I went for a 2 mile jog this afternoon.....well, Aleeyah rode in her jogging stroller.
Bad: We didn't get to go longer for a few reasons---rain, wind, and lack of inhaler.
Good: We still had a good time and pushing an almost 40lb kid up in stroller up and down hills for 2 miles is still a good workout.
Bad: Somehow I twisted my ankle and in the process of keeping Aleeyah from tumbling-I landed with all my weight on my left knee.
Good: At least, it was 4 less pounds than it was last week!
Bad: Pain, pain, pain and blood showing through my now torn pants. I was actually pretty surprised they ripped because the material is pretty thick.
Good: I didn't like the pants as it was.
Bad: My pants kept rubbing my knee making it feel all the more worse.
Good: I had my Road ID on for instances like this (well more severe) but was able to hobble home.
Bad: PAIN and swelling!!!
Good: My daughter was surprised by the blood but kept telling me everything was going to be alright and that as soon as we get home we could get a bandage! Awwwww!!!
Bad: As soon as we walked in she forgot that mommy was hurt and was overly concerned about what I was going to be cooking for lunch.
Good: Got lunch out of the way. The pain has gone away some. An hour later and still throbbing, but I've got ice on it and hoping the swelling will go down soon.

So there you have it! My day so far! It's a good thing I started my day out with a great Bible study this morning!


Cooter said...

sounds like an eventful day. Hopefully your knee gets to feeling better soon.

Jill Foley said...

this is a great post!

Laura said...

Wow! What a day so far! Sounds like maybe you should stay home for the rest of it! :)

Juli Jarvis said...

What a great way to share a day like this with us. We all have them; actually, I sort of think my day has been like this, but I won't go into details --

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