Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Fantabulous Weekend!

First of all, we had a GREAT weekend! Friday night, Chris took his girls (me and Aleeyah) out for a date. Aleeyah said she wanted pizza for dinner so we went to a place down the street called, UNO Chicago. They have a fabulous shrimp and crab fondue. MMMmmmMMMmm. Their pizza is quite scrumptious, also. After dinner, we went to the movies to see Madagascar 2. She got a little wiggly towards the end of the movie, but actually very good for a 3 year old. We have taken her to several movies now without any problems. It was a cute movie. They said butt way too much for my liking, but I know I'm probably more sensitive to it than a lot of people. I just don't think the word butt sounds good coming out of a 3 year old mouth.

We did some running around on Saturday and then enjoyed the company of some friends from church when we went over to some friend's house for dinner. Aleeyah was out numbered by boys, but managed to keep her own. In the end we found her quietly sitting in a room with one of the youngest boys as they played with the train set and some trucks. When we went to go leave, she kept crying saying that she didn't want to leave and that she wanted to stay and play. It didn't happen though. It was late. We were all tired. Everyone needed to get to bed because worship was going to be coming early. But I was with her, it would have been nice to stay and play with our friends all night.

Sunday, Chris and Aleeyah went to worship without me. I wasn't feeling so hot when I woke up. Then the rest of our day consisted of reading Chris' text book and Chris getting his homework done for the week. (btw-I felt much better by that evening)

I would say that we had a great weekend. I have been horrible about taking pictures during our outing times so I have none to share with you. Here are a couple of pics of Aleeyah just before we headed out the door the weekend before last. She SO did not want to have her picture taken. We were on our way to a hayride/bonfire and smores night with our MOPS group. It was fun, but man was it cold!!!!!

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Jill Foley said...

Cold?!?! I'll give you cold!! We've got 9 inches of snow here........

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