Monday, November 24, 2008

Children's Hope Chest

Back in an earlier post, I told you about a book that I read called Red Letters:Living a faith that bleeds. It is written by Tom Davis. It was a great book and one that I would recommend to anyone.

He mentioned several organizations that one could get involved with. Compassion was one of them and another was Children's Hope Chest. Like Compassion International, Children's Hope Chest sets up sponsorships with children living in poverty for $34.00 a month. It provides the essentials for children. You can write your child that you sponsor. You can visit them.

But there is one big difference with these children...........they live in orphanages.

Through another blog, I found out that they were trying to raise enough sponsors to begin a sponsorship project in an orphanage in Ethiopia. The amount of responses would determine which orphanage. By time I read this post, I only had a couple of days to respond. It hit a little close to home seeing as how we are looking to begin the adoption process for a child in Ethiopia in about a year. It took me all of 2 minutes to talk to Chris about it and I was sending the email to get involved.

Cool thing is, yes the orphanage has been chosen and there are 98 children already sponsored, but you still have an opportunity to get involved if you wish! You can read THIS blog to find out more information about it and to get signed up!!!

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure!!!


Juli Jarvis said...

Compassion International started out with orphanges, too, in Korea. But they discovered that parents were coming and leaving their children at the orphanage. Since they didn't want to break up families, that's when they changed to the type of sponsorships now available. Now a child can go to the project to receive their benefits, but still live at home.
However -- you're right -- there are many, many orphanages out there in need of adoption! Unfortunately. I had heard about Children's Hope Chest, but didn't know much about it.

Juli Jarvis said...

Also -- you might contact Compassion when you get ready to adopt, to see if they have a recommendation about organizations to trust for adoption. They really know a lot more about these organizations than we can find out on our own. They might be of help. I can probably help you get ahold of the right person when you're ready.

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