Thursday, November 13, 2008

Box Tops

Since we moved here and we began recycling, I decided to do another mom thing. I began clipping off Box Tops and Labels for Education. I just have to know that Chris thinks I'm crazy. He is probably fearful that any minute now I will start wearing denim jumpers with white Keds--maybe I could sew a matching one for Aleeyah, too!

Obviously, Aleeyah doesn't go to school right now and the money benefits schools. I know that I could probably just drop them off at a local school and they would be glad to take them off my hands. BUT I know me. I won't go to the school, take Aleeyah out of her carseat, and go into the school building to just drop off some torn cardboard and pieces of labels.

So any moms out there that collects these for their kids school? I'll be happy to mail them to you when I get a handful.


Becky said...

You are more than welcome to send them our way! My kids love turning them in at their school.

The Leeth family said...

We, too, collect them for Gavin's school. He gets put in a drawing for every 10 he brings! I'll send you $ for shipping if you want.

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