Monday, November 3, 2008

As I sit and ponder......

Well, after several days of spending some time away from the blogger and email world, I've decided to come back for a while. Did you miss me?? Yeah, yeah--like a kid misses his collard greens.

Where have I been? Oh, I've just been spending some much needed time reorganizing my life.

That's all. No biggie!

I don't know if whether to call it a restructuring, simplifying, or just in a funk. Organizing and cleaning my home while trying to mentally organize and clean my life, but then on the other hand trying to figure out why I'm doing it all. For instance-why do I blog. I know why and I enjoy those reasons, but then I wonder why I choose to tell the world about my life and my thoughts.

Do you even care? Do I care if you care? Oh, the ponderies.

There have been several things keeping me from blog and email these last few days outside of just trying to figure things out. I have been spending quite a bit of time baking, playing, reading, and studying. Also, Chris and I are doing a couple of different studies right now and are enjoying reading in the evenings together after Aleeyah goes to bed. Typically, that's when I like to blog the most, but as much as I like to ramble, I would much rather be studying with my hub.

You will likely see several posts following this one some of our latest activities-depends on how tired I get from now until then! lol

So in a nutshell-that's where I have been. There is so much more to it, but I give you enough details as it is. :)

Where has everyone else been? Seems like it's been quite around here.

EDIT: Just realized the camera is dead which means I can't download the pics from it----which means, no updates this evening. The batteries are charging now and should be ready first thing in the morning. I may not be, but it will be!


MizTremblay said...

Hoping all goes well with uploading your pics. (BTW: how does one upload pictures to a blog post?)

I've been following your posts for about a week now, ever since Compassion linked to your post about Fasting and Feasting, and I'm glad you link to other blogs, like the 8 year old who went on the DR trip. I'm glad to get his perspective, and glad he's learning about a different world from his own. Wish I could be there with him (and the group)!

compassionjuli said...

Welcome back! I think I've been in the same situation -- not writing much in the past week or two. So many other pressing demands. I DO love reading your blog, though, and seeing the photos -- so keep it up! And -- it was especially nice catching up with you last night! Love you so much --

Abbie H. said...

Miztremblay-Thanks for stopping by! I finally got them all uploaded! Whew! I am right along with you as far as wanting to be there, but I know the bloggers that are there have A LOT of readers and will be most beneficial in spreading the word!

Juli-I was excited to talk to you last night too. I think there are quite a few in the same writing funk, but I also love reading your blog too. Just like I said last night-you always have great quality blogs. Hope to try to see you when you come for Thanksgiving!!!!

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