Thursday, October 9, 2008

There's nothing to see here----except for a video!

Whew! I am finally sitting down to reply to emails and blog about a couple of things and now I feel so tired to even begin to tell you about it! In fact, I think it will all just have to wait until tomorrow morning.

So coming tomorrow- dolls gone crazy and the adventures that led to a run in with the Police!

Okay, so totally pointless post except to say stay tuned!

I feel bad about it so I give you a video that we took last night of the girl.......

She is talking in her own made up language. It was much better before I grabbed the camera. She was so confident in calling different things various words that she put together. Kind of reminds me of when my brother thought he could speak Spanish! lol

1 comment:

Juli Jarvis said...

Silly girl! You rock Aleeyah!

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