Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish

You know those days when you realize maybe you have stepped over into mommy-hood too much? Maybe you find yourself tyding up toys in the local department store or wiping down your table at a fast food restaurant after you have "done the dishes". Maybe it's the day that you find yourself putting a fish in time out....errrrr....WHAT?

Oh, yes!

So here is how it went down...

We bought Aleeyah a fish tank for her birthday. She has always LOVED looking at the fish at the zoo-a sort of fascination, if you will. We bought her tank and set it up in her room. Gleaming, crystal clear, de-chlorinated water. Beautiful!

After letting the tank sit a good week, we decided it would be time to add some finned friends. We headed up to the surplus of fish store (where you can even buy tattooed fish-not praising them by any means). We carefully picked out the fish that we wanted for the tank and found a man who sells these things for a living and prides himself in being a fish "expert". He asked if our tank has been through what they call a cycle. Where as I replied, if you could explain a cycle, I could tell you if it's done that or not. Me and the tank haven't had the puberty talk-if that's what you mean. Okay, I left out that last sentence!

Apparently, something about fish poo and bacteria, something else about alkaline and nitrate, a little something about toxic water, equals dead fish.

Got it?

Yeah, me neither. Moving on anyway. Solution is buy 5 $.15 goldfish. Feed them. Let them swim around for a month. Tank will get dirty and a little mucky. Tank should be good to go.

Well, this "expert" forgot to mention that they would all DIE in the process. After yet another trip to the pet store, another "expert" told me WHEN they die-leave them in there.

Oh, did I fail to mention that I have a 3 year old daughter who also has the ability to see?

Dead fish, floating in water + 3 year old who loves fish = you get to deal with her!

I did as any parent would have done and I took them out except for one that blended into the rocks and explained to her that the fish were sleeping in the castle. :) Lying always works in these scenarios!

So weeks went by and finally levels were good. Time to add fish.

We go to the store where the newest "expert" explains to us why the fish-that the original "expert" told us would be fine to put together-in fact, cannot be put together in the same tank. GRRrrrr. Grrrr. Grrrrrr.

We decide on 4 fab fish and 1 pleco and head home. All went into the tank beautifully-despite the fact that one of the fish bags opened inside the shopping bag which in turn was spilled all over the carpet AND Aleeyah's fine ability to pour out a bag of water into the tank and leave the fish in the bag...with no water.

The fish swim around for a few days...yadda yada yadda. All the sudden, BOOM 1 fish dead. Hmmm... Next day Pleco dead with weird white stuff coming out of mouth.

Check levels-all appears me :)

Watch fish closely and notice black and blue fish is apparently, the bully and is biting the remaining 2 fish. The yellow fish is laying on his side (good indication he is looking into the light) completely stressed. So what did I do?

I did what any mother would do-I yanked the "bully" fish out of his sanctuary and dumped him into a pink Eskimo Joe's cup that turns a pretty purple when cold water is poured into it-for a good ol' fashioned time out!

There he spent his "time out" sentence in the time out cup for about 3 hours until it was time to go to bed.

I was nice and poured him back into the tank. He was a bit more subdued and keeping his mouth to himself.

Tonight? The yellow one's gone. Looked at the light too long-I suppose.

So that's the story of the mom who wasn't afraid to put a fish in time out.

One fish
two fish
three, four,
five, fish
all but 2 are dead fish!

Isn't that the way the book goes?

***EDIT: Because husband already asked...
No, there isn't a book called that.
Yes, I edited it.
No, I didn't take a picture of Aleeyah's book (she has that exact book).
I googled it!


Britt said...

Awww. Poor We tried the aquarium thing too once and we had nitrate drops we put in the tank. Even with those though, it was still too much work. We decided on a beta fish instead. It lived for 3 years! (Even through Lilli wanting to cover it up with a tissue to tuck it in goodnight...yea, the glass bowl was smothered with wet tissues...ew)

Jill Foley said...


Yeah...we gave up on the fish after the fourth or fifth try!

Sydney got so used to them dying that she would find another one floating and come tell me it was time to "throw another fish into the woods"!

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

This is a funny story. Guess you showed that fish who was boss!

Abbie H. said...

Brittany----def ewwwww on the fish water paper towels! haha A beta may be in our future!

Jill-I almost spit out my drink when I read about your daughter telling you it was time to throw another fish into the woods. I can so see Aleeyah saying that! In fact, she caught me flushing one and said she wanted the net to fish for more fish.

Abbie H. said...

Kelly-lol you betcha! You got to start 'em right in the beginning!

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