Friday, October 17, 2008

Just another tag-ful Friday. Whoa-oh!

My friend, Jill, tagged me. Oh, yes, another tag! But I do believe this one will be more interesting than the last.....maybe....

7 Random/Weird things about yours truly!

1. I have grown up with a clear dislike for anything green that can be eaten. Green beans, guacamole, peas, etc. I've even been known to not eat green M&Ms, skittles, cake sprinkles. I have in my later years found a love for Granny Smith green apples and green, leafy lettuce.

2. Staying in the food line-I have major texture issues. Too long to go into too many details. I eat my veggies raw because then they are crunchy. This would include potatoes. I stay away from fruits because they are on the mushy side (besides for my green apples). Grapes are the worst-the squirt in your mouth when you bite into them. To make it worse, green grapes fall into the....well.....I-dont-eat-green-things category. I like chicken. It has good consistency, but severely dislike (can I say "hate" in this instance?) hamburger meat. It falls apart in your mouth and that's just nasty. I don't eat things that have mushy and crunchy things in the same dish. Add slimy, worm like onions and I think I might just get sick.

My stomach feels achy just thinking about meatloafs and guacamole so I will have to finish up without anymore continuation of my "food disorders".

3. Ahhh another weird thing about me.......I grew up with a split toenail that I inherited from my dad. Thanks DAD! I don't have it anymore after the thousands of attempts to rip it out of the skin. It finally worked.

........okay, that doesn't help the already sick stomach and you probably just started feeling a little queasy.

4. I also share a fascination of office products with Jill! I use to look at the Office Depot catalog all the time. Dreaming of the days, that I could buy file organizers and pencil cups! (okay, I still do that from time to time)

I just asked my husband to name a weird thing about me and he said, "You like big butts and you cannot lie". Now if you don't know what I'm talking about-clearly, you haven't lived. KIDDING!

5. I don't know all of the simple multiplication. I don't know if that makes me weird or just dumb, but it's true. I hated Math in school. Of course, I can always figure out what 8x3 or 9x8 is but it's going to require fingers.

6. I have a weird sleeping thing that has sent me to the emergency room. In very, very short-when startled awake during deep sleep, I cannot move. I appear to be having seizures-according to Chris and paramedics. I can open my eyes but they are moving in crazy like when you are in REM sleep. I can't talk. My sensitivity to light and sound is greatly increased and if either is too bright or too loud it will send me into involuntary, uncontrollable crying fits and kicking followed by hyperventilation. Most of the time, I come out of it within 30 minutes, but there are several times where it took me over 2 hours to regain all movement and speech. On top of all of that, I am conscious the entire time so I just feel like I have gone crazy!

Will you still be my friend? I promise, I'm not TOO crazy!

7. I do not like green eggs and ham.

Okay, so the last one isn't weird-I'm just bailing out. I would have said I DID like green eggs and ham, but in fact, I've had them and I don't like them. Why? Refer to point #1.

For my tags......

Kelly Ty - she tagged me last time-PAYBACKS!!! :)
Brittany C - she needs something else to do! lol
Jeana S - she's got to have something weird about her ;)
Jess B - I believe she is even more random than me
Carol L - any mom that dies her hair purple....well.... love ya Carol!
Kari C - she is a fun lady-she will have something fun to say!
Kelly Th - she is funny and should be cheap entertainment!


Sis said...

Wow, I am just paying back the visit and I love your blog! Not only do you have a heart for God, you are a great writer and an AWESOME photographer - God, writing, photography - can't go wrong there!

Do you have a photography business? I do, on the side - love it but don't have the time I want for it...

I'll be back, your blog is so good and I love that you are so pro-Compassion Int'l.

Juli Jarvis said...

Ooh -- that sleep disorder sounds scary! I hope you don't have to deal with this very often. I once woke up in the night, paralyzed, as though there was a heavy weight on top of me, and knew it was something evil. I knew I had to pray but could only (barely) get out the first word -- "Jesus" -- and when I said His Name, the problem immediately resolved and I was normal again. I will never forget that!

The Leeth family said...

Yeah, you're weird! :) But I am sure I can beat you!!
I love the Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Domestic Goddess said...

Alvin and the Chipmunks are the best, doesn't get much better than that...well maybe the Smurfs or Jetsons! Your sleeping thing is weird, I can somewhat relate. I do that when I get sick, for some reason a virus hits me all at once which means I pass out anywhere...window department at Sears, bathroom at Oak Park Mall, in the shower...oh it's good fun. And even better as I start to come to I seize and throw up all over myself, on a good day it only lasts a few minutes but other more fun public times it seems to last longer. Good times!

I am new to the blogging friends list but does Jess B mean me??!?!? I think it does but I didn't want to assume. LOL!

Abbie H. said...

Juli-I'm sorry that you have had to go through that before. I really haven't had as many problems since I moved for a few different reasons. We had a house fire at our old house and I had a lot of nightmares. I think they were triggering it. I have also read that stress can cause it to happen more frequently. I had quite a bit of family situation stress going on in my life. Since moving, I don't have the fire nightmares near as often and I have really began focusing my energy on the positive things in life. So I really am not stressed about much of anything anymore.

Carol-got to LOVE Alvin and the chipmunks! Chris keeps laughing at me every time I listen to them. It's been quite often lately for some reason! Just keep me away from George Michael! lol

Abbie H. said...

Jess-JETSONS!!! They were my favorite!!!! Smurfs rocked it too!

Wow! I bet that makes getting sick so much worse! I couldn't imagine. I wouldn't go anywhere but the couch. lol.

Oh, yes dear-Jess B is you. I was rebellious and didn't comment everyone to tell them they have been tagged. I didn't want to bug anyone with my childish games! haha

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