Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gettin' my groove on!

So just last night, I wrote about putting a fish in time out and was feeling a bit too mommy. Today, I tell you about.....well, just read it!

Before you read: I am still recovering from a cold and have been taking drugs....oh, wait nevermind....I haven't taken them today.

Aleeyah and I were in the kitchen this afternoon making more Crystal Light-a favorite in our house. There wasn't any music on, but I started singing and dancing (and no, there will not be any video for you today) while making the crystal light. Normally, she will start singing with me, but I guess the dancing threw her off a bit. No doubt that God did not gift me with the ability to dance. I ain't got the mad skillz.

So the kid looks at me and says....

"Momma, you're weird!"

After we laughed, my mind immedietly was flooded with the many years of watching my parents dance and thinking they were weird. In fact, just this weekend we had some good laughs in the car with Mark and Benita as they proceeded to dance using only a pointed finger.

Today, I feel old BUT so blessed to have a child to tell me that I am weird!

BTW-I am feeling MUCH better!


Jill Foley said...

Now you'll have to go the library and check out the book "Weird Parents" by Sally of Syd's favorites and I always tell her I'm going to write a book called "Weird Daughters"

The Leeth family said...

I have had the same comment made to me by my son! I am weird and I will dance in public just to see him laugh and grab my hips in embarrassment while saying "Stop that IMMEDIATELY!!
Of course, then I turned my hair purple and I was good enough for show and tell!!

Abbie H. said...

Jill-I will have to check that one out! I am always looking for recommendations when it comes to children books. We just pick a handful of random ones and hope for the best! lol I love that "weird daughters". I can just imagine the look she gives you after that comment!

Carol-That's hilarious! I can see you being a public know what I mean! Always outgoing! Gavin will most definitely "love" that as he gets older!
And I'm still waiting on picures of that purple hair!!!!

Britt said...

I can't tell you how many times we (Michael and me) will bust out a groove...the kids say, "Mooooommmmy....Paaaaapaaaa....stoooop iiiittt!!!"'s a blast - glad you're enjoying it :)

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