Monday, October 27, 2008

Fast and Feast

My grandparents use to live in Port Aransas, TX when I was younger. It's an island in the Gulf of Mexico by Corpus Cristi. I always loved visiting my grandparents there. I remember the love and excitement in my grandparent's eyes when we came and the sadness in all of them when we left. My sister and I use to spend a lot of time walking around the island to all the surf shops and the souvenir shops, walking down to the grocery store for my grandma, and roller skating at the local EMS Auxiliary building where my grandma was always excited to take us to play bingo.

Sometimes, my parents would let us stay at their house so that we could spend more time with our grandparents. My parents then would make the long 10-11 hour haul back to Oklahoma and then dad would come pick us up the following weekend. During this time, we loved to learn to cook from grandma. I remember her looking at us and telling us how much she had looked forward to the day she could teach her grandkids to cook. I don't remember a whole lot of what we cooked, but I do remember my first thing was green beans-haha! Then there was "the" cheesecake. My grandma made a FANTASTIC cherry pie, but that cheesecake....well.....was not to be eaten!

My sister and I always did a little different cooking on our own. My grandparents had a detached garage and my sister and I liked to pretend it was our house. Right outside the garage, nestled in the yard of stickers (the prickly kind that keeps you from walking anywhere without shoes) was a slab of concrete. That slab of concrete was our working space to make pies. Not grandma's pies, but MUD pies.

Now, we didn't eat our mud pies. Who would?

Well, that is where the story shifts. As I remember those times of making mud pies that we pretended where delicious chocolate pies or cookies, just over 1400 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico is another island where people are making mud pies and this is not the only place. There is one huge difference in our pies though.

Mine and my sister's childhood mud pies---pretend.

Haitian mud pies---REALITY.

Please, please stay with me. Don't look away.

Photo and following quotes come from this article

"Though she likes their buttery, salty taste, Charlene said the cookies also give her stomach pains. "When I nurse, the baby sometimes seems colicky too," she said.......Assessments of the health effects are mixed. Dirt can contain deadly parasites or toxins, but can also strengthen the immunity of fetuses in the womb to certain diseases....

A reporter sampling a cookie found that it had a smooth consistency and sucked all the moisture out of the mouth as soon as it touched the tongue. For hours, an unpleasant taste of dirt lingered."

My stomach is sick thinking about it. My blood is pumping fast.

What about you?

Will you use those feelings to do something? Or will you file it away or even toss it to the side?

In this post, you might remember me saying, "here real soon, I will be asking you to join me in doing something towards the end of the year. Something that has been on my heart for over 2 months. Between now and then, I am praying that each one of our blog readers considers joining me in spending just one day focused on others over ourselves. More to come on that though! :)"

It is time.

I'm not going to be asking you to eat mud pies to get the feel of what these people's reality is. I'm not going to ask you to sell everything you own.

What I am asking is on November 27th, that you join me in fasting from food and feasting in prayer for all sisters, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles.....all of God's children living in poverty.

Also, the week of the 27th (November 23-30th) we will be having a money drive to benefit them by giving to Compassion International's Global Food Crisis Fund. More details will come on that at a later time, but I will tell you now--You do not have to give to be a part of the fasting and prayer and there is no set amount to give if you do.

Now, you may have noticed our Fast & Feast day is on Thanksgiving. Oh, yes-this is by no mistake!

Take a moment to think about it.

So here is what I want you to do--Think about it. Pray about it. If God puts it in your heart to join me, come back and add your name to the list by leaving a comment. Invite your friends and family to join. Have them stop by and add their name to the list or add it for them.

Lets show satan that his lies he tells the poor are just that-LIES. The people living in poverty eating not much more than mud cakes matter to God and they matter to us!


Britt said...

I'm in....but I'm nursing Eleanor. So even though I cannot completely fast, I will definitely be fasting from desserts!!! (And that's a BIG sacrifice for me.... I think I was born with an unsatisfiable sweet tooth)

Cooter said...

I am in as well. I might have to do it on the 26th though. Mom would probably kill me if I didnt eat a turkey leg :) I think it is a really neat idea though,

Jill Foley said...

I'm joining in on your fast idea...but in a different way. I knew the fasting on Thanksgiving wouldn't fly with my's just the 4 of us this year and we still have plans to make and enjoy our favorite dinner of the year!

But....I will be randomly picking a day each week this month to fast from the computer and my cell phone. God laid this on my heart last night and today was my first day. It was sooooooooo freeing to not be a slave to checking blogs or email! And my phone rang 3 times and I never answered it!

Anyway, I know this is different than what you were going for, but this is big for me.

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