Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lag, Bag, Nag, Tag

We made it back home! I will update you guys a little later on our trip. I don't know if that will be tonight or not. I've got a bit of car-LAG from the trip and am really thinking about skipping the replies to emails and blogs for tonight.

Also, I really need to go down to the car and bring up our BAGs. Chris is busy trying to finish up his school work that is due at midnight so I told him I would take care of the luggage. So, I suppose, I should probably take care of it or else he might just NAG me! :)

But until then, I leave you with a little TAG. I was tagged by Kelly of The Adventures of Sophie and Family. They are friends of ours that we use to go to church with. They moved to Kansas not too long ago, but we thought they were cool people and wanted to be just like them so we followed them to Kansas just a few months later. However, I guess we didn't get the memo correctly and found ourselves almost 3 hours away from them!

The idea of the tag is that you are to post the 6th picture in the 6th file of your photos and then tag-I don't know how many people so I will go with the 6 theme-6 other people.

Now, it would depend on which 6th file you are talking about in my case. The 6th file of my windows "picture" file or the one where I store all my photos. So I give you both because I am generous! lol

The first one is of Aleeyah that I took at the park not too long ago and the second one is of my cousin's daughter, Ariana when she was at our house in Oklahoma.

Let's see.....for my tag in no particular order:

*Shannon of A Plumb Crazy Life (because I just got onto her this morning for not blogging!)
*Carol of The Leeth's
*Jeana of Keeping Up with the Sorrells
*Jill of Girls Just Want to Have Fun
*Brittany of The Clarke Family
*Juli of Sheep Droppings (I'm hoping this one might be one of her recent trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion)


Jeana said...

I'm so glad you got onto Shannon, I have been waiting on pics of their new house!! :-)
Great seeing you today! Miss you guys!!!

Abbie H. said...

Yeah, she threw out some excuses--computer...slow.....Brian broke it.....yadda yadda yadda.
You know her-excuses, excuses! lol

Okay, I only say these things in hopes that she reads them! ;)

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Yea, thanks for playing!

Juli Jarvis said...

Still don't see your photos here for some reason! Also -- I may be pretty dense, but what am I supposed to do to play this game? Could you spell it out for me please? Thanks!

Abbie H. said...

Kelly-no problem. It's fun! Well, not like roller coaster ride fun,!

Juli-just go to the folder where you store your pictures on your computer and then go to the 6th folder within that and then the 6th picture within that folder. And post on your blog your picture and tag someone else if you would like. Make sense? Grrrr about the photos-I wonder what's going on.

Jill Foley said...

I just now saw that I got tagged....I've been out of town some so I'm a little behind!

I love that picture of Aleeyah!

I'll go post right now...

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