Saturday, October 11, 2008

And the waving wheat sure smells sweet!

It's 7:15 am. Do you know where the Hamblins are?

Well, Chris is out playing golf with his dad, Aleeyah is still sleeping in the spare bedroom, and I am sitting on my in-laws couch. That could really only mean one thing-we are in OKLAHOMA!

I know, I hadn't said anything about coming home for the weekend and honestly, I debated on saying anything about it at all. Because as much as I would love to do what we did last time and dart around trying to see everyone with as little time as we had, I don't have a car. So unfortunately, that can't happen this time.

A little over a week ago, the mom of Trey (you will probably remember him from other posts) aka my friend, Kandi, called me and told me that they just found out they are moving to Germany. There are many different emotions there with moving so far away, but mostly, a lot of anxiety about needing to be there by mid January. Trey is about a year younger than Aleeyah and they just recently had baby Easton about 2 months ago. So after I talked to her for a bit, I remembered that my dad was coming back to Oklahoma soon to help my Grandpa out with a few things and to visit. So with that, I decided that it would be a great opportunity to come back home to help Kandi in whatever way she needed me.

So all three of us piled up in my dad's truck to come to Oklahoma. We made a several stops along the way for food, drinks, and bathroom breaks (btw, Aleeyah stayed dry the entire trip! So our little world!). We even made a stop in Wichita to pick up my dad's girlfriend, Sherry. We finally made it to Chris' parents sometime before midnight. I have to say the trip was much more enjoyable than the few times I have driven it just with me and Aleeyah.

So we are here-in Oklahoma. I am without transportation. I am trying to figure out how I will even get to Kandi who lives about 30 minutes (yes, I calculate distance in minutes-hush it!) from where I am currently sitting.

Anyone want to be my personal chauffeur for the weekend? Yeah, didn't think so. :)


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Oh my - please send Greg & Kandi our love and prayers... what a big move!!

The Leeth family said...

I haven't kept up with Greg and Kandi, but how exciting and crazy for them! And what a great friend you are to comfort them when they need you! I hope you have a great trip!

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