Sunday, September 7, 2008

Will you join us on our ride?

It was another beautiful day out today. Chris wanted a nap after church so Aleeyah and I headed out on our bike. We found a very nice, little park tucked away in the trees and stopped to play. We met a very nice guy who had brought his 2 sons to the park to play. Aleeyah enjoyed playing with is oldest, Jack, who is 4 years old. I enjoyed the company. After some conversation, I found out that his family sponsors a child through Compassion. She lives in Kenya like our Compassion child, Gacheri "Irene". It was nice to meet someone else who sponsors and to learn more about the area through him. Here are a couple of pictures and a video from the our complex parking lot and playtime at the park.

Later we rode around the pond that is tucked away other trees that I have wrote about before. I want so badly to share our experiences on the trails with everyone. It is so peaceful. I was able to take some video of our ride and the one below was taken as we got closer to the pond. It's not quite like being there, but probably the closest I will get to show you. It is a bit shaky at the beginning and at the end due to me trying to ride a bike with one hand with a squirmy 3 year old on the back. This would also be why we are going so slow. Enjoy the ride.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

**Prayer power goes to Steve Warren's family. Steve went to go be with the Lord yesterday afternoon. He found out just over a month ago that he had cancer. By the end, He had endured a lot of pain and suffering and was ready to go Home. Himself and his wife are so faithful and has so much peace knowing that it's in God's perfect plan.

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