Friday, September 19, 2008

A tree huggin' kind of day!

The other day Aleeyah and I headed out for a day of recycling. I brought my camera to document our day.

First we started out by hugging a tree. We thought it would be appropriate for our day.

On our way to our first stop, we past this store. We will have to check it out some time.

First stop was the grocery store. We buy this milk called, Shatto Milk. It comes in a thick glass jug which keeps it super cold and it tastes great! They say that when you purchase your milk, there is a good chance it was taken from the cow just 12 hours prior. Fresh, cold milk without any pesticides-yum! yum! Another great thing about their glass jugs is you can take them back the to store to be reused by Shatto Farms-creating less plastic to be recycled.

Although not eco-friendly, we had to stop for gas! :(

Next stop was the recycling center. We enjoyed unloading all our sorted garbage in their respective bins. Aleeyah enjoyed figuring out what bag went to what bin.

After we were done parting from our trash, we went to the post office to ship off a package to my cousin. We had a gift for her and also a book that I previously read that she wanted to read. So we are reusing a book!

Our last stop was to the Library. We had some books that we checked out that needed to be returned. We picked up a few more. Libraries are a great way to save trees and keep books out of the landfills. I was also able to have a great conversation with another mom there. We talked about various things and through conversation, I found out she and her husband also support 2 Compassion children. It was neat to meet, yet again, another sponsor!

Finally after all our stops were complete, we stopped to enjoy a butterfly...or a very pretty moth! It's hard to see in the picture, but it was a very pretty greenish color.

Well, I'm out. We decided last minute to go camping this weekend so I have lots to do before we leave. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

**I want to echo yesterday's prayer for my friend's cousin, who lost their 9 year old son unexpectedly.


Da MiMi said...

Wow! Everything old is new again. It was a real trip down memory lane looking at Aleeyah with the glass bottle. At my folk's house (in Rocky Rivery)they had a milk chute in the back of the house and the milkman delivered milk, eggs, and cheese. In later times it became the beer chute for my dad when he was out working in the yard. Love the flashback and the treehuggin is just plain darling.

Juli Jarvis said...

Love this! So many sweet photos!

Jill Foley said...

I love this post....I just finished reading "The Green Book" which I heard of through your site! I was thinking of doing a similar when I saw yours I loved it!

Abbie H. said...

Benita-LOL isnt it amazing how we are going backwards on so many things. It's like we are realzing what we had really was great and now we are trying to fix it!

Juli-Thanks so much!

Jill-I loved that book too! My mother-in-law aka "da mimi" bought it for me to read after we starting recycling. I can't wait to see your post, too!

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