Monday, September 29, 2008

Tour de Kansas

I had great intentions on getting up yesterday morning and posting about our weekend with the grandparents and then getting several things accomplished.

Apparently, my sinuses, head, and ears decided against me. It's been sneaking up on me over the last couple of days with a runny nose, but it hit hard yesterday. It knocked me down and I spent the day laying on the couch trying to avoid things like wind, light, and noise with the later of the 2 being the hardest with a 3 year old. Thankfully, she understands a little and we the day cuddling on the couch watching cartoons.

We had a fabulous weekend with the grandparents. Chris' parents arrived on Thursday afternoon. It's been a little over a month since we have seen them and there was one little kid that was so excited to see her Mimi and Pa-pa and we were glad to see them also! :) We enjoyed our 4 days together and I think we did a great job of not going too much so that we could spend some time relaxing and enjoying each others company. It's easy to make the mistake of go, go, go and forget why someone came to visit.

Just some of the things we did while they were here:

Went to Legends, an outdoor mall, with lots of great stores. Here is Chris looking at the the daylight....with a big contraption that isn't really functional....because I told him to come check it out! :)

We visited a local Povitica store, Strawberry Hill and purchased some yummy swirled bread!

Benita, Aleeyah, and I went to one of our favorite places, the Deanna Rose Farmstead.

We even visited old downtown Overland Park and ate at a wonderful pizza shop while we were there.

Chris and Mark played in a poker tournament to benefit Ian Crabtree, played some golf on Saturday, and enjoyed watching the football game on Saturday night.

So we did some going, but like I said, we did some down time too. Some of our greater moments weren't captured with a camera, but instead with our minds and hearts. Like the smile on Aleeyah's face the whole weekend because she had her Mimi and Pa-pa or the contentment in both Aleeyah and Benita's face when they cuddled on the couch to watch a movie. Those moments are just left to be remembered and not reminded of by a picture.


Britt said...

AH! I've been checking everyday (on my RSS feed) to see when you would post this!! So glad you had such a nice visit!

Juli Jarvis said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well. And -- I'm still not getting pictures for some reason! May need to call Apple tomorrow --

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