Saturday, September 6, 2008

Riding in the Rain

The temperature was in the 60s today. Just beautiful if you ask us. So Chris, Aleeyah, and I went for a ride in the rain on our bikes. It started sprinkling as we were heading out then only about 2 1/2 miles out-it started pouring on us. We decided at that point with all the hills and water that we should truck it back.

We enjoyed it so much. I know most people stay indoors when the rain starts pouring down, but we loved riding it in and occasionally looking up to the sky to watch it fall. The path is decorated with beautiful trees and streams and it was wonderful to listen to the birds tucked away in the shelter of the leaves-singing in the rain.

Here are a few pictures from our ride today and a couple that I took this evening of the crazy girl!

**Prayer power tonight goes to Ian Crabtree. He is a 3 year old little boy who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia this last April. His dad works with Chris. Please be praying for him with me.

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