Friday, September 19, 2008

A Picture and a Thank You!

We have received so many emails and well wishes from many of you about our addition of Marta to our sponsorship and our plans to adopt a child from Ethiopia. We are so grateful for all of you! We know that the next couple of years will definitely have its times where we will need all of your support and prayers.

Many of you have asked questions about "the plan" and I wanted to answer a couple of them real quick.

Are you adopting through Compassion? No, Compassion does not coordinate adoptions. Their main focus (although they have many other great programs) is sponsoring children who live in poverty. Meaning the children stay in their country with their parents, but are provided basic needs through sponsorships from people like you.

Have you started the process? Because Aleeyah needs to be a year older for us to be open to adopting a 2-4 year old, we have not began the process yet. That will come in about a year to a year and half.

Once you start the process, how long will it take for you to have your child? We are fully expecting to have to wait a year, but it could be a little bit more than that.

Are you going to adopt a boy or a girl?Chris and I had previously discussed adopting a girl. I have always wanted at least 2 little girls. I love the way that the moment girls get together, they giggle. BUT just a few days ago, he through it on me that he wants a boy! Which would be most certainly fine with me! So we will set no preference and see what God gives us!

I think there were a couple of other questions, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.

I had also told you in my previous post that I would post a picture of Marta, our newest Compassion child. Here is the very beautiful Marta!!!

Isn't she so adorable? I can't wait to see her smile!

**Sorry, it's not a bigger picture to see better, but the scanner isn't hooked up so I had to swipe it from Compassion's website.


Juli Jarvis said...

Oh Abbie -- she looks so sweet! I'm so excited for you! Now you have a little girl in Ethiopia -- and God knows who He's preparing for you to adopt in a couple of years! All in His hands and His time!

Abbie H. said...

Thank you Juli for all the support and kind words. I am so excited about getting to know Marta! Will you tell the lady that helped get her to me thank you also? I would appreciate it!

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