Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our 3 Compassion Children

I have been meaning to introduce you to our 3 Compassion kids over the last couple of months as all their birthdays are around this time. Unfortunately, I haven't been so great at it so far because Emanuel's birthday was in August shortly after coming home from Oklahoma. I have been excited about telling you about them. I am so thankful that we have had the opportunity to be their sponsors. I have enjoyed being their friend and one of their mentors of sorts.

Living in poverty, means that many of them live without hope. Can you think of times in your life where you have lost all hope? Maybe you were going through a depression because of events in your life. You might have thought that at that moment in your life, you were just trying to survive. That is the reality of these children face everyday. Many of them are walking around in survival mode. It's not that they are upset that they can't have the latest and greatest toy or that their parents won't by them any Fruit by the Foot. They can't eat. They can't drink clean water. They can't get clean.

I want you to think of how you feel after not having a shower for a couple of days. I know I begin to feel dirty and nasty and it often can affect my mood or the way I see myself.

These kids feel it day after day. They feel alone, lost, hungry, and scared. They feel that their help will never come. They don't look at what our government is doing or not doing to help them. They are looking at you and me. We have an opportunity to give them hope. We have an opportunity to change their lives through Jesus and Compassion.

One of the things I enjoy the most about our sponsorship is not only that we are able to provide food, education, Christian training, and health care, but that we have an opportunity to encourage, support, and bring hope to these children in the very letters that we write to them.

Here are a few things that I have learned about each of them through our letters...

Emanuel is an 8 year old boy who lives in Brazil. Most adults from there are unemployed but some work as manual laborers, street vendors or in domestic services and earn the equivalent of $63 a month. Emanuel speaks Portuguese. We have been sponsoring him the longest. We began our relationship with him in June 2006. In his letters, he tells us...
He has 3 siblings. He helps his family by running errands. His favorite foods are rice, beans, macaroni, meat, and chicken. He likes to play marbles and with cars. He does his best in school to get good grades. One day at school he was able to learn about health, body, and teeth hygiene. He learned one day in school about the Brazilian folklore and had a lot of fun while learning about that.

Some of the things that he has written that spoke to my heart the most to me are...
I am so happy to have you as my sponsor. I hope to hear from you soon. I pray that God blesses you. Me and my family send you a hug with gratitude and affection. Thank you for everything that you've done. Me and my family thank you for your prayers and precious attention. Hugs and love from me and my family. I send you a big hug.

He always draws a picture on the back of his letters. 90% of the time the picture is of a brightly colored house. I have wondered and have been meaning to ask him if he enjoys drawing houses. I have always enjoyed drawing them myself also.

Marisol is a 6 (almost 7) year old girl who lives in Peru. Many of the adults in this area are unemployed but some work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $126 a month. Marisol speaks Spanish. We began our sponsorship with her in December 2007. She has a 9 year old sister. She enjoys playing with her dolls. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink. She likes to play hide and go seek. She is always wanting to know more about us by asking questions of what my favorite food or color is. She says she loves hearing about us and finds it very interesting. She always ends her letters with hugs and kisses.

Gacheri "Irene" is a little girl from Kenya and she is 5 (almost 6) years old. She lives in a village that is highly affected by AIDS. Most adults in the area are unemployed but some work as farmers and earn the equivalent of $12 a month. She is the youngest of the 3 and our newest sponsored child. We began our sponsorship with her just this last July. We have only received one letter so far so we don't know a whole lot about her yet. We do know that she is responsible for gathering firewood and helping in the kitchen. She is one of four children. She is in Pre-school and she regularly attends church activities. Her favorite school subject is math. Her favorite Bible story is the birth of Jesus. She wants to be a teacher. She wants us to pray that she would grow as a God fearing girl and perform well in her studies.

Through our sponsorship with these children, I have learned so much about life outside of our fancy cars and nice houses. I have learned to be more grateful for what I have. Most of all, I have seen people team up together to make a change. I have seen how our sponsorship with 3 little children will forever change their lives and give them hope for tomorrow and the days to come.

Are you ready to save a life? Will you be a friend to a child today?

Visit Compassion right now to give a child hope for tomorrow. There are children who have been waiting longer than 6 months for their help to come. Please don't let them wait any longer.

Click HERE now!

I loved this video of all the smiling, hopeful kids. I hope you enjoy it too!

Today's prayer power goes to the children on that list that have been waiting so long to find an answer of why they aren't being sponsored or why they aren't worth it. I pray that they find sponsors and that their sponsors give their hearts to them in their prayers and letters.


Jill Foley said...

Your sponsored children are beautiful...thank you for sharing their stories with us!!

Isn't child sponsorship a wonderful blessing? I am always thankful God has called and chosen me for this particular ministry!

Are you an advocate, or just a wonderful sponsor?

Abbie H. said...

Thank you! I think they're pretty cute myself. I just got new pictures of Marisol today!!!

It is a great blessing!

I'm not really sure what an advocate is. I've heard the term used a lot, but don't understand it fully.

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