Saturday, September 13, 2008

The orange kid that can READ!!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Aleeyah's learning how to write HOT. She loves writing it on everything. The other day we walked in her room after she had been quiet for quite some time and found that she had wrote it on her dresser....not cool. Then today, after getting out of the shower, I went in her room to check on her and found her looking like this....

and she had written HOT several times on things she shouldn't have been writing on...yet again, not cool. So she got in trouble and I had to take her picture before cleaning her up. Just in case it doesn't actually look that bad, I should tell you she colored all the way down to her feet and the entire tops of her feet were colored orange.

Now I do have a bone to pick with Crayola. They say that these markers are washable, but seeing as how my kid finds it fun to color on herself when mommy is busy doing something else-I have experience in this department. I know for a fact that PERMANENT marker tends to come off skin better than WASHABLE markers!

So I get her all cleaned up and then hand her the orange marker and tell her to color on herself. She starts crying and says "No thank you, momma. I not suppose to do that." I tell her that was the smart choice (we have been discussing smart and bad choices) and move along. We will see how long that lasts.

So this afternoon we went to eat lunch and Aleeyah brought in her Magna Doodle. While I was conversing with Chris, I picked up her Magna Doodle and wrote CAT on it. We hadn't been discussing letters or sounds since this morning and I was involved in a conversation with Chris. I handed the toy back to Aleeyah and she says, "Cat. Momma, cat." It took Chris and I a few seconds to realize what just happened. So we made a HUGE ordeal in the restaurant (it was busy and it's likely that no one heard) and then I wrote DOG on the Magna Doodle. She sounded out each letter a few times and then put them together and said, "dog". Oh, I was one proud momma! My eyes teared up as I thought in my head about her 3 year old birthday just a few weeks ago.

According to PBS's website, Kindergarten is when kids really start to learn their alphabet letters and sounds and how to put them together to make words. By the end of Kindergarten, they should be able to read some words. Here she is at least 2 possibly 3 years away from going to Kindergarten and she is already beginning to read simple words.

We have also been playing with this matching game over the last few days. I would highly recommend it and although it doesn't look like it, it is small enough to fit in a diaper/toy bag. It's called Smart Squares by Scholastic. Here is a picture of it.

If you look at the first picture, you will see that it has pictures with different colored square around it. You take the corresponding square and put it around the letter that starts that word. Such as the first one is a turtle with a green square around it so you put the green square piece around the T. Aleeyah's first couple of times of doing this I just stuttered the first letter like, "t-turtle". After a couple of times of listening to where I was putting emphasis on the word, she began to pick that up herself. There are about 60 different cards you can do and she will take one that she has never done, say the word, sound out the beginning while she says it, and puts the square with the correct letter.

**I do have to add that where you can see the full colored squares-she had just finished checking her answers and was taking the pieces off. She is not able to see the answers until she is done.**

There are lots of different activity cards that it comes with-such as counting the items and putting the corresponding square on the correct number-shown below.

The activity cards cover

Uppercase alphabet recognition
Lowercase alphabet recognition
Beginning (onset) sounds
Rhyming sounds
Counting 0–10
Geometry (shapes, relative size)

So far, she hasn't had any trouble figuring them out. It's a fun game for her and I love that she enjoys learning. Makes my job a little easier!

So that's that. Sorry about having to brag...okay, no I'm not! What can I say? I am so proud of her!

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