Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New baby and Young Babes!

I had been having some problems with a handful of my pictures. After fighting and fighting with it, I have that discovered something is wrong with one of my camera cards. BUT I have found out how to get them to work now!

As I was sorting through them all, I came upon a few pictures that I took when we went back to Oklahoma. We had the privilege of staying the night with my cousin, Amber and her family. They have a new addition to their family and I enjoyed getting to hold her and we stayed up way too late, but it was fun!

Here are a few pictures from our time together...

This is Ariana and her new little sister, Nyla

This is the only picture we could get of the 3 girls together. Aleeyah decided she didn't want to take a picture.

And I loved this one!

As soon the last one, it reminded me of a picture I had from 1997 of Amber and me. There was too much similarity between this one and the one of Aleeyah and Ariana that I just had to share it!

And I came across this one when looking for the last one!

Gotta love the days of boyfriend letter jackets and over-sized shirts! Granted there is a turn knob television with rabbit ears antenna in the back, but it was way outdated even for that time. It worked though!


Juli Jarvis said...

Do you have any idea why my computer isn't showing photos like this any more? All I get is a box with a question mark in it -- frustrating!

Abbie H. said...

That's weird Juli. I don't know why it would be doing that. Is it just on blogger sites or other sites also?

compassionjuli said...

It's on most blogger sites -- and doesn't matter whether I use Safari or Firefox. So frustrating! I looked at all my privacy settings, and it looks like they're both set for viewing photos -- don't know why this all started up after being in KC!

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