Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MOPS and Satan, the Destroyer

I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people here in Kansas. I have to say that the people are not "Oklahoma friendly" when it comes to shopping or driving, but meeting other moms has been easy here and all of them very friendly. In fact, I met a lady at the park (named Heather) one day and after talking for quite some time, invited us to go to a MOPS meeting. No, not this kind of mops...

I wouldn't want to be a part of any kind of organization like that! :)

It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.

I have heard of this group, but didn't know much about it. She told me about it and it peaked my curiosity and sounded like fun. We exchanged information and we planned to attend the first MOPS meeting coming up. We didn't end up being able to make it that time. Heather was very sweet to continue communication and let me know when the next one was.

About a week later, Aleeyah and I were at the library. Aleeyah and I were playing with some magnetic letters and began to sound out and read a couple of words that I was putting together. A mom who was sitting near by asked me how she knew what it said. This sparked a good lengthy conversation as the kids played. She asked if I was a part of a MOPS group and said it was really great for her when she first moved here.

We were finally able to go this morning. I took Aleeyah to her Moppets class to have a snack, playtime, Bible story, and craft. While she did that I went over to where all the moms were and also had breakfast, Mom talk time, a devotional, and a craft (we made First Aid kits!). It was nice to sit down for 2 hours and chat and devo with other moms.

I really needed it today. My head as been clouded the last couple of days with some stuff that satan is always ready to use on me. He tries to steal my happiness in my life and the joy I find in having a relationship with my God. He wants me to wrap my emotions around things that I cannot change and feel defeated. For some reason, there are times I try to battle it on my own, but my strength alone cannot do the job and I know better.

I don't have room for Satan and his games in my life and so I continue to choose happiness. I choose happiness by being in God's presence, by using my life's circumstances to help others, by focusing my thoughts and energy on things I CAN change with God's guidance, by laughing with my husband and daughter, by talking to and encouraging friends and family, and by finding joy in the smallest things.

Although not always easy, I have really found it amazing how your life can change when you give forgiveness to those who wronged you, recognize where you have made mistakes, let go of your anger, and find peace and rest with the Lord.

None of us are perfect and we all will wrong some one at some point, but I believe it's how you make it right that makes all the difference in the world. You do what you can do. If they won't listen-it's time to move on. If you can't let go of the pain-let God use it in you for good. Don't let Satan use it to defeat you.

Life and everything in it is a blessing and an opportunity to glorify God in everything that we do. I pray that we all strive to do use it for that and that none of us let Satan work his way into the middle of the amazing plan God has for us.

And if you are new in town or want to meet other moms, look into MOPS. We have enjoyed it so far and are looking foward to our next meeting!


Britt said...

I'm reading a MOPS book...What Every Mom Needs ( http://www.mops.org/page.php?pageid=1693 ) GREAT book!

Juli Jarvis said...

Abbie -- I'm finally HOME! And -- I'm glad you're getting involved in MOPS -- I think you'll both love it! I know the group here has been a huge blessing to so many families. They have even started an evening group, it's grown so much. MOPS is also a supporter of Compassion -- I believe Wess Stafford was a speaker at one of their conferences.

Jill Foley said...

MOPS was my lifesaver a year ago when we moved to Minnesota. Through it I met wonderful, Christian moms, was encouraged in my walk with Christ and got a small break from my two girls. Now we have moved again and there is no official MOPS group up here! But I am joining MOMsClub (not church affiliated) and the local version of MOPS...MomsLife.

On a different note....I haven't decided anything yet, but I'm thinking of doing a doll giveaway to my blog readers (which is very likely only a handful of people). I love what Amy is doing...simply having people visit Compassion's site and report back about something they learned. How far out would I need to order a doll? I was thinking that you could just mail it to whomever won so we aren't BOTH mailing the doll. Let me know what you think is the best timing. (I'm not asking you to donate a doll...I'll pay you for it) : )

Thanks for what you are doing! I was so happy to see that # jump up on the side!!!

Abbie H. said...

britt-I will have to check that one out. Thanks!

juli-SO glad you are home! I know it feels absolutely wonderful when you get home no matter how much fun you had on vacation! Believe it or not, I actually first heard of MOPS from Compassion.

jill-I'm glad you have found something comparable for you to attend! Let me know when you want to do your giveaway. I have been contemplating the same. I have 2 American girl dolls (the one in the blue dress with stars) in either blonde or brunette. I also have a pink and green "tea party", brunette girl. All 3 are ready to be shipped. Let me know if what you want to do.

Jill Foley said...

MOPS does support Compassion and the two organizations put together a GREAT resource called "Two Women, One Heart" that I used to present to MOPS groups in Minnesota. It's about the similarities and differences of mothering here in America and in a third world country.

As for the dolls...save the blonde American girl one for me. I will pay you now for it and then let you know who won it (is that ok for you to mail it to them? It just seems silly for you to mail it to me and then me to mail it to someone...not very green!) I'll do the giveaway soon (in the next couple weeks)

Abbie H. said...

Jill-I will save her for you! I look forward to seeing how your contest goes!

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