Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Compassion Friends wandering the US!

"Compassion Friends" dolls have been out and about lately. I've wanted to share with you a few places they have been seen!

They first were spotted at Compassion Dave's site I met Dave through Compassion's blog. He always posts great mini Bible studies (almost) every day.

Second spotting was on Jeana's blog. We use to go to church with Jeana and her family in Oklahoma. I also had the privilege of working with her for a while. She blogs about her family and always posts pictures of her o' so cute kids!

The girls were then featured on my friend, Jill's page. She is a Compassion advocate and blogs about her various family activities. We were actually inspired by to go camping from her recent camping adventures.

One of the girls were lucky enough to be given away in a contest on My Friend Amy's blog. Amy is a book blogger. I had no idea that book bloggers even existed, but they seem to be quite the community of book lovers. She just pulled off an amazing Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

The girls even hit it big time when they were seen walking the blue (blue because everything over there is blue!) carpet at Compassion's blog. I know the girls felt honored to be there because Compassion is, in fact, the whole reason they exist. As you already know, I love what Compassion is doing in Jesus' name for children and their families living in poverty. I never quite understood just how much they are changing these children's lives until I started reading their blogs. The blogs are filled with encouragement, prayer requests, and love for every one of God's children.

Their latest stop was on Brittany's blog. Brittany has generously offered to help in making Compassion Friend dolls. I am so excited to have some help and to be able to get to know her better. It's amazing how God provides hands when they are needed!

**If you are wanting to purchase a Compassion Friends doll-shoot me an email. They are $36.00 and $26.00 will go to Compassion's global food crisis fund.

Through your purchase of a Compassion Friends doll you will be helping children and their families who have little to nothing to eat everyday. If you would like to read more about the global food crisis and more information on how you can make a difference, visit Compassion's website.


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Very cool that you've had all this publicity! Hope you sell some dolls!

Juli Jarvis said...

Oh Abbie--I've been so spaced out! I need to feature the dolls on my blog, too! I will -- when I get my life back in order! Right now, we're working on figuring out how we can blog live from the Dominican Republic! I have some stories in mind before I go on the trip, and actually interviewed a girl here today that I will feature soon. BUT--I will put this on my Palm and remember to talk to you about it after the trip to the DR! Sorry I haven't been thinking along these lines! I love those dolls so much, too --

Abbie H. said...

Thanks Kelly!

Juli-Don't worry about it! I know that you love them!

I am so excited to hear about your trip to DR!

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