Monday, September 8, 2008

3 Cute Blonde Girls!!!

I finished up 3 blonde Compassion Friends dolls today. In fact, the paint is still drying on their eyes and mouth. I believe these are spoken for, but will be getting with their new moms to find out if they are in fact adopting them. Even if they are, don't be afraid to send me a message and let me know that you want one and what you want. My next batch is going to be brunettes, but I believe all those are spoken for also. It takes quite sometime to stuff their little arms and legs. So, I have told Chris he better keep himself occupied with other things before I start giving him the wooden spoon and fluff. He is so great that he actually told me that if I got busy and needed him-he would stuff the fluff!

Each Compassion Friend gets their own crocheted scarf. I must say, my most favorite job when making one is when I get to make the scarf. Maybe it's because it adds a little spunk to their wardrobe or because it's the 2nd to last thing I do when completing one. Either way-I love it!

Alright-here a few pictures of the beauties!
The three girls together. They have been best friends for the last week!

This is the all American girl. She's wearing a navy blue dress covered in small white stars with a bit of red trim at the bottom with tiny white dots. She enjoys to attend the local parades and festivities around town. Her favorite past time is going to the hardware store with her father when she was younger.

This young girl enjoys going to tea parties. She prefers gourmet teas, but has been known to drink Lipton from time to time. Her dress attire includes a beautifully patterned pink dress with a pattern that comfortably merges a hip trendy pattern with a retro feel. The bottom of her skirt is trimmed with an olive green cord material and is married together by a matching hand crocheted scarf.

This girl, what more can we say! She has defined the doll clothing industry with her popping, eye catching clothes. She is wearing a brown dress with a bold statement of bright turquoise in her dress and dress hem. She compliments the outfit with a matching scarf. Of course, her fab style of clothing could only indicate one thing-this girl LOVES to shop!

Okay, that will probably never happen again, but it was fun! haha! It's called procrastinating from cleaning the house.

So in short.....

Buy a doll-->feed a son, a daugher, a mother, a father, who are starving. They need it! Donations will be given to Compassion's Compassion's Global Food Crisis Fund.

When you break it down, you will be making a $26 donation to starving children and their families and purchasing a handmade doll for just $10 (which covers the cost of materials).

If you would like to donate more to the organization please go to Compassion's website to find out more ways to be involved. Make a difference today and save a child's life!

Send me a message or e-mail me today!


Jill Foley said...

so so cute! Is one of those mine?!?! I just put a link from my blog to yours with this post....I want all my friends to see the great work you are doing!

Any animals yet? : )

I thought of your family yesterday as we were out playing frisbee golf in a downpour!

Abbie H. said...

Yes ma'am!!! I'm working on your brown headed girl also. Which clothes do you like best? I am making the brunettes in the same clothes. So let me know which 2 clothes you like best!

Thanks for linking also!

Haha! Not yet, but my brain is working on it!

Awww-glad you thought of us. We have actually been inspired to go camping because of your camping adventures! I saw your posts and told my husband we needed to go camping. I haven't been in ages!

Abbie H. said...

You had me going crazy trying to remember if I posted something about us going to play frisbee golf on Saturday evening. We were suppose to go but it rained! Now I realize that you were talking about the fact that you were in the rain! ha ha! Crazy!

Doll Clothes Gal said...

I love those dolls - they're sooooo cute.

Da MiMi said...

Ooooh! Brown and turquoise for me please! They are all darling!
Love to all from da mimi (x2!)

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