Monday, August 25, 2008

What's gonna work?

Yesterday, on the way to the congregation we worship at, we heard this little voice in the backseat singing. This isn't unusual for us because anytime Aleeyah and I are in the car there is a good chance one of us will be singing and most of the time without the accompaniment of the radio. Now God did not bless me with a singing voice, but I do love to hear Aleeyah sing.

Some of her favorite songs are

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Saw, Saw, Saw
I'm in the Lord's Army
Happy Birthday

To my surprise, she wasn't singing any of these songs though. She was singing a song from the Wonder Pets. I am not a fan of Wonder Pets for this very reason...

So we don't watch it often, but apparently, it doesn't take much for our daughter to remember the songs and words. So back to yesterday morning...

Aleeyah was sitting in the backseat singing part of the Wonder Pet's theme song with a little bit of a change in the wording.

In part of the song it goes..

What's gonna work? Teamwork!
What's gonna work? Teamwork!

Click here to hear the actual song.

Well, apparently Aleeyah thought it needed a little something more. That some times teamwork just doesn't get the job done. Her little 3 year old voice in the back was singing...

What's gonna work? Jesus
What's gonna work? Jesus

How right she was! Teamwork is something that we all need a reminder about from time to time, but more importantly we need Jesus! I believe that when we love Jesus-we love people. In turn, we become team players to help others whether it be a neighbor who is struggling or a child who is hungry. Sometimes as hard as we try to change something in our own efforts, we still fall short. Thankfully, we have Jesus who is stronger than all of us no matter how big our team is.

So after Chris and I stopped chuckling at our daughter's new rendition of the Wonder Pet's song, my heart melted. An Ooey, gooey kind of melting. I felt it's warmth over my entire body as she continued to sing about her Jesus. Just as I thought there was no more inside to melt, we turned the corner into the church parking lot and she yelled with such great enthusiasm,

"GOD's HOUSE!!!"

By the way, in light of one of my recent posts about prayer, I have decided to end each post on my blog with at least one person I am praying for. Of course, I have many that I pray for daily, but I feel we need a little extra prayer power on some days.

Today, my prayer power is with our friends, Bill and Amy, who just discovered that they had a miscarriage.


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Hey guys! Love the new blog and new look!

Cooter said...

Thank you for praying for us.
Love, Amy

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