Monday, August 11, 2008

WALL-E, Miniature Golf, and Bugs in our Stomach!

We had a busy and fun weekend this last weekend! As stated by a previous post, mine and Chris' 9 year wedding anniversary was on Thursday. We decided to spend our anniversary night together with Aleeyah and spend alone time on Saturday. After Chris got off work on Thursday, we told Aleeyah we were going to the movies. She was very excited, but even more excited when we told her we were going to go see WALL-E! All three of us have been wanting to go see it so it seemed like the perfect movie for our night out. We had a great time and the movie was great! It turned out to be a love story which I hadn't expected.

Friday night we took Aleeyah to the park/lake. I posted pictures of that trip a few posts down. Saturday evening we took Aleeyah over to my dad's house so we could go out. We got dressed up and went to a Japanese steak house-the kind that does the cooking/fire show right at your table. The restaurant was beautiful and the food was good. They even brought out a piece of chocolate cake with 1 lite candle in the center for our anniversary. I thought that was very kind of them and we enjoyed it very much. After dinner, we went home to change clothes and headed out to nowhere land to play miniature golf. Our original plan was to go ice skating, but it wasn't open for public skate on Saturday nights. Miniature golf or bowling was our next choice so we went to go play a little golf. We had a great time doing that even more than I thought we would-which I was pretty pumped about it before hand!!! (I forgot my camera in the car so sorry, no pics!!! I know miniature golf doesn't sound like the most amazing anniversary, but it we really enjoyed it! Afterwards, we went for a little drive, picked up Aleeyah, and came home to cuddle on the couch and watched a movie! All in all, it was a great anniversary!

Then to end our weekend, my dad and his girlfriend, Sherry came over last night for dinner. I made chicken, mashed potatoes (with Sherry's help), bread sticks, salad, a sugarless apple pie, and a cherry/blueberry pie. Yum! Yum!

It was nice to be able to spend a lot of quality time with my family this weekend! Today hasn't been so great for all three of us so far because we either all ate something bad or we have a small stomach bug. I am hoping that goes away soon! Chris' mom and grandparents will be here tomorrow to spend a couple of days! Then we will be heading back to Oklahoma for Aleeyah's Birthday on FRIDAY!!! So the family fun isn't over yet!!!!

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