Thursday, August 14, 2008

Month 1--Happy Birthday Aleeyah!!!


We have really enjoyed going back and sharing some of our favorite pictures with our blog readers over this last month. I didn't think we would actually accomplish it, but we did!!! Aleeyah has been the most amazing blessing that God has given us. We have really enjoyed the last 3 years with her. Parenting has been more rewarding and exciting than we ever thought it would be. We feel that each year keeps getting better and better. We loved to just hold and snuggle with her when she was a baby, but are enjoying hearing all the new things she says and learns. I have even been able to enjoy going shopping with her. Chris always says it's a good thing God gave us a girl that way I can have someone to be girly with. When I show her new clothes or something I've made, she encourages me with a "oooohhh, CUTE Mommy!!". And of course, we still love our cuddling and story time just as we always have!

Below are some pictures of her first month! I compiled all the pictures from the past month's birthday countdowns plus a few newer ones in case you haven't been following each day!

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