Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Library Tales and the apostle Paul

Aleeyah and I adventured out today to find the local library. I am surprised that we hadn't already don't this, but we have had lots of new things to see and explore! Now that we are settled here, we decided it was time to get back to really learning our letters again. A while back, I reported that Aleeyah could recognize all her uppercase letters and a lot of her lowercase letters. Now we have all upper and lowercase letters down and about 75% of theirs sounds. We were sounding out words last night when she almost read Cat all on her own! She was so close! I am so proud of her willingness to learn and in turn she is doing so great with her letters.

The library that we went to, Johnson County Library, is just a few miles down the street from us. I expected to pull up to a brown building where as upon entering I would find a little old lady at the desk checking smelly old books in and out. But I was quite impressed with it's mod exterior and just as impressed as we headed inside.

As we walked into the library I proceeded to remind Aleeyah of the library laws. Quiet voices, no running or jumping, no craziness, and just to slam it home again, only whispers. We made our way back to the kids area and practiced our whispers. The kids area was pretty large and included blocks, puppets, kids chairs and tables, and rows and rows of kids books!!! We spent most of our time sitting in the aisles of books finding ones that interested us the most. We sat reading our books, tucked away in the aisles--obeying the library laws. Aleeyah latched onto a Spot book. I remember reading Spot books when I was a girl and so I enjoyed being able to share that with Aleeyah today.

We picked out 4 books and went to talk to the librarian about getting a library card and checking out our books. I was beaming with delight while talking to her about the programs they have such as story time and crafts because we were about to register for our card, check out our books, and my 3 year old little girl managed to obey the library laws the entire time. I was a proud mom, but of course, just as the pride puffs up, your 3 year old reminds you that things don't always go the way you had planned.

I snapped my head around just in time to look at Aleeyah just as she squealed and giggled in delight with a new friend she just found. If you didn't know, squealing and giggling accompanies every little girl when you put 2 or more together and it cannot be accomplished while whispering. So to avoid being glared at or called out by the librarian, I quickly went over the new rules with her to include no squealing before filling out the necessary paperwork for our library card. The girls played for a little bit and were doing great after being reminded of the rules a few more times. They even start telling each other to Shhhhh. Pride begins to puff again and I am thinking I have this 3 year old in a library thing covered! This will surely look good on the mom card! Opps, spoke too soon--poof goes the pride and the girls! They took off running and began to circle around the librarians desk....with her sitting at her desk! Before I could catch Aleeyah, the librarian sternly told the girls that there is no running allowed in the library. So there you have it. Aleeyah got in trouble by the librarian at the young age of 3!

I sheepishly led Aleeyah to the front counter to check out our books, reminding her the entire time there that we do not run in the library. I felt a bit defeated, but quickly was reminded of why we came when she excitedly picked up her books and skipped to the front doors. It brought a smile to my face.

How quickly defeat crept up on me in our mini adventure to the library. For a few minutes, I let one little outburst take precedence over the time that we shared together. I forgot the great times that we spent reading together and learning together and focused on what went wrong instead.

I wonder how many times in our lives we let satan use the feeling of defeat to keep us from rejoicing in our progress or worse, keep us from finishing our goals. I've been doing a great study on Paul from a Beth Moore book, To Live is Christ. (If you are unfamiliar with his mission and journey, I would highly recommend this book coupled with your Bible! You won't be disappointed.) Paul is an amazing example of not letting defeat keep him from his God given mission. The persecution, anguish, and road blocks that he faced would have surely brought many of us down to our knees feeling defeated. Paul touched so many lives and brought so many people to Christ. What would have happened if he would have let satan use his lies on him? What would have happened if Paul focused on the the things that didn't go the way he thought they should have gone?

So all this to say, don't pull an Abbie next time your life has a little outburst! Think about Paul and firework finale of outbursts that he encountered along his journey and yet he remained faithful to the mission given to him and giving God all the glory!

I just hope that God smiles at us as we skip into Heaven after our adventure is over!

We are praying for Steve Warren and his family tonight. I came across their blog one day. About a month or so ago, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He recently came home to spend his remaining time with his family. Their faith has been amazing through their journey and they have touched many lives even in their hardest trials. They are a true example of standing strong even when satan would love nothing more than for them to feel defeated.


compassiondave said...

God bless you Abbie--thank you for the visit and kind word.

How's the 'dolling' going?

Abbie H. said...

It's going! I need to get more customers though! I will be working on that in the next couple of weeks and getting a website up for them-even if it's another blogger site. Thanks for asking!

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