Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Good news and bad news. Don't you always hate it when people ask you which one you want first? I'm not saying that I the words never come from my mouth. In fact....

I've got good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?

Because the news is a bit more urgent than the time it would take me to poll our readers to find out which one they would choose, I will choose for you! :)

Today you get the good news first! I sent out my first Compassion Friends doll just before noon today!!! If you haven't had a chance to read about them on my previous post, I will brief you quickly on them. When you purchase a Compassion Friends doll made by your's truly, all proceeds go to feeding families in poverty through Compassion International. Approximately, 2 children will be fed for an entire month just from purchasing a doll!

Chris could tell you how stinkin' excited I was today as I shipped my first doll off to Oklahoma. I packaged it a little special for the birthday girl that will be receiving her in a couple of days!

Now here goes the bad news. I recieved a letter today from Compassion. My heart starting racing once I read the first sentence,

"I'm writing with urgent news affecting Emanuel and Gacheri, your sponsored children in Brazil and Kenya."

At that moment, I was so overwhelmed with feelings and I kept reading the first sentence over and over. I quickly noticed Marisol who lives in Peru was not included in this first sentence. I can't even begin to explain what was going on through my mind as I tried to keep from having a panic attack right there in front of my mailbox. I've read lately of other sponsors who received letters that their sponsored child had died to diseases or accidents. For a moment I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest.

My eyes immediately jumped to the bold words in the text,

"Life-threatening food crisis....I cannot overstate the need.....We need your help!.....We need to intervene now in order to ensure they do not experience severe malnutrition or worse."

As I stood there in front of my mailbox with my heart racing, I finally was able to slow down and read the letter. Our kids are fine for now, but the conditions that they live in are getting worse. I have been talking to you recently about the rising food crisis, that is what the dolls are for, and that is what this letter was about. Here is a few sentences from the letter,

"Incredibly, the price for rice, beans, and other food staples has increased dramatically in the past few months-by more than double in many areas-creating a life-threatening food crisis throughout the impoverished regions where Emanuel and Gacheri live.....Emergency funds are needed to purchase and distribute food, cooking oil and other assistance to protect our children and their families during this critical time."

Why was my heart racing when I read those few little words?

Because I pray specifically for our 3 sponsored kids and each one's needs EVERY day. I look at their faces in the pictures that I have EVERY day. I write them every other week. I re-read over their letters and study the pictures they draw for me. I wonder how they are doing constantly. I wonder when they cry and when they are happy. I wonder if they are fed and when they are hungry.

I don't do these things because I am great or because I need them to make myself feel better. I do it because they need someone and God has called me to be that someone for them.

On average it takes $39 to provide immediate food assistance for one family for a MONTH. Send me a message to purchase a doll for $36 and $26 of that money will go to Compassion's Food Crisis Fund. Sponsor a child for $32 a month and you will be providing a child with food, health care, and education. You will also have an oppurtunity to write back and forth with that child and learn first hand where they need you to pray for them and their family.

I am pleading with you today to stop right now and make a donation for these kids and their families. I know through my own sponsorship that Compassion is a reputable organization. Your money WILL go to these kids and their families. They need someone. Let that someone be YOU.


Give hope to a child in need. Sponsor a child today.

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Juli Jarvis said...

Thank you so much for the excellent post here! You are so right about our need to respond to the global food crisis. Although we may hurt a little at the gas pump, children are literally dying every second from hunger. Please, if you're reading this post, sponsor a child today. And the little Compassion dolls are adorable!

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