Monday, August 11, 2008

Congratulations Chris!!!!

Chris received notification today that he has been accepted into AIU to finish his bachelor's degree!!

Between getting married, buying a house, having a child, taking care of his family, working full time, and traveling or working nights most of his career, school has been a long process for him. I was so proud of him when he received his Associates Degree in 2006. I know to most people it doesn't sound like much-that's it's just an associates, but for us it took a lot to get there. Chris has several jobs where he traveled a lot and was unable to continue to go to school. He went when he was able to go. During those times he was unable to go, he studied very hard for his certificates. In his industry, they mean a lot. He received his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) +Security about a year or so ago. To get an MCSE +Security, you are required to pass a series of 8 extensive tests that take months to study for just one test. He has several other certificates that he received, but I wouldn't be able to tell you what they are or what they mean. Even though he has spent more time out of school then in school, his mind was always been thinking about when he could return back.

He's finally back to working at a job that doesn't require traveling. So starting in just 2 short weeks, he begins school again. Thirteen months later, he should have his bachelors in his hot little hands! Now you maybe asking--what's next???? I know I did. Upon acceptance, he will begin his master's program! I told him, after that-NO MORE!

I think it's great for him and in turn, great for us! Like I said before, it's always been his wish to be able to finish his schooling, but also with the understanding that he will never be completely finished. Once he gets his masters, he will continue to study for certs, but hopefully no more college courses!

We love you Chris and we are SO proud of you!!!!!

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