Saturday, August 2, 2008

Compassion Friends--Handmade Dolls!

I am excited to share something with all our blog readers today! I have been studying about the apostle Paul's amazing journey through his faith these last few weeks. His journey is so inspiring. I began diligently asking God to open doors for me to be able to be more of a servant. In turn, God opened my eyes to what it's like in the rest of the world-outside of our expensive homes, beyond our cars, video games, and television.

Through His guidance, I decided I want to get more involved in Compassion International. If you don't know what Compassion is-it is an awesome program that's focus is releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. Through a one-on-one sponsorship, children receive food, health care, education, and have an opportunity to learn about Jesus and his mighty love for everyone. Sponsors are able to encourage their child through letters and the ability to visit them-which teaches that child they are someone and that Jesus? love is real. If you cannot commit to sponsoring a child monthly, they have several other ways to get involved. Just a couple of ways-you can purchase nets for families to put over the beds to keep from getting bit by mosquitoes carrying malaria or you can be involved in helping supporting mother's with small children. I invite you to visit Compassion's website. You can trust that the money God lent you will be put to good use through Compassion with over 80% of the money going towards the children.

But for today, I want to share with you about their global food crisis fund! You think we have it bad right now with rising gasoline prices causing the cost of food to rise. Imagine only making a dollar a day and having to spend 80% of that money just on food alone. Take a minute a truly imagine it. Imagine having to tell your child they cannot eat today. No matter how much they cry, you cannot provide food for them. That is the reality of parents and their children all over the world right now. God has put it in my heart to help, but I cannot do it without you.

Everything is not official yet, but I am excited to tell you we will be selling handmade dolls like the one I made Aleeyah and all the proceeds will go to the global food crisis fund through Compassion. We are in the process of finding more help to make them and get some legal mumbo-jumbo stuff out of the way. They will be called Compassion Friends and we will sell them for $36.00. The best part is, when you purchase a handmade doll from us-the proceeds (minus materials) will be able to feed 2 children for a month! Yes, you heard that right! 2 children for an entire month!!!

I will have more information coming for you about them in the next couple of weeks. Please consider purchasing a Compassion Friend for yourself, a child, or even as a Christmas present coming up and don't forget to stop by Compassion's website!

Here a couple of repeated pictures from the previous post!


compassiondave said...

Hey Abbie -- loved this so much I gave you an honorable mention on my blog. I hope and pray your fingers go numb from making a gazillion dolls for Compassion!


Britt said...

Abbie...what a wonderful talent! I'm not a sewer (the last thing I ever sewed was in middle school home Now, though, I'm a knitter.

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