Monday, August 11, 2008

Breathe, Hold it, now Exhale

Chris looked at me in an odd sort of way yesterday when I let the groceries sit on the cabinet so that I could find my camera. Yes, my new, very small camera was MIA yesterday. I had taken it with me on our anniversary date just the evening before, but I knew I had brought in the house. It wasn't in the bag and it wasn't on the console table with the keys. I checked the car and found things I didn't want to even know was in there, but still no camera! Finally after a bit of a freak out, I found that it had fallen out of the bag and was wedged between the console table and the wall.

So yes, during that entire of time of searching for my camera my groceries were sitting on the kitchen counter. Cheese getting soft and milk getting warm while I frantically searched the house and car for my camera. If you are like Chris you would also ask questions! However, if you are a blogger you know exactly where this is going. Do you ever have those moments where you know you just have to take a picture and blog about it? That you have to record that very thought to share with all your blogger friends? Well, I had one of those moments yesterday.

I went to the grocery store yesterday to get a few things for dinner. I avoid going to the more expensive grocery stores while still straying far away from Wal-Mart. Which by the way, I have only been to once in well over a month. Definitely a nice feeling! I picked up the few things that we needed and then a few more that wouldn't exactly be considered necessary. Then headed up to the front to check out....

"Paper or plastic?" It hits me that I forgot my reusable paper bags, but I sheepishly decide killing more trees would be better than carrying all my groceries up the stairs without a bag. "Paper please."

As I look up and watch my items being shuttled down over the scanner and I see the totaling dollar amount I began to feel a little baffled. Hhmmm....why so much? No shampoo or bath products, no cleaning products....but I refuse to be one of those people who question the mathmatical skills of a computer so I let the lady continue to do her job. She finishes up gives me my grand total of $102.36. I pay, she smiles with a smile that only says how much she dearly loves her job, and still baffled, I watch the bagger (who also bears the same lovely smile as the cashier) bag up my groceries and then head to the car. I realize my blogging moment then shove my groceries in the car and head home.

Fast-fowarding a bit after the frantic search of my MIA camera, I took this picture...

That right there is my over ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR grocery purchase!!! Some veggietables, bread, cheese, a few staples, 1 1/2 gallons of milk, and a 5 lb. bag of potatoes! That's it.

Which brought me to my next thought. I've been reading about the global food crisis on Compassion's website. About the fact that on average a family only earns $1 a day and 80% is now needed for food and still that does not provide them with an adequate amount of food. A lot of them still have to pay money to the slumlord so they can have an 8x8 ft shack to provide a little shelter for their families. What about clothes, medical supplies, or school tuition? The more food prices go up, the less they have. Their wages do not go up because of the rising food prices. What happens? They can't provide for themselves or their children. Their children don't eat. Their children cry because they are so hungry. Their children die.

They say, 1 child dies every 5 SECONDS from hunger related causes. I dare you to take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds, and then exhale. Each time you exhale, a child dies. If you are like me, that hit's hard. My exhaled breath before the next breath is their last one. I know that's very blunt, but it's reality.

It's a reality that has a cure though. You might ask, will it ever be cured? Only God knows, but I do know we sure can make a difference. Who can make that difference? You! Please consider giving a child hope. Hope of a future with food, love, shelter, and a hope of what they have to live for-Jesus! Show these kids that Jesus' love is real. Show them that they matter.

You can give to the global food crisis fund by clicking ----->here

You can also invest in a child and their future by sponsoring a child. Through your sponsorship of just $32.00 a month, your sponsor child will receive food, schooling, healthcare and supplimental nutrician if needed, they will learn about Jesus, and get an oppurtunity to make a ever-lasting friendship with you through letters and visits if you are able.

Please take a moment to pray about it. Ask God to use you where He needs you.
If you are unable to financially help at this time, I urge you to pray for these little ones and their families.

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