Thursday, July 31, 2008

She's a material girl!

I was inspired to make a handmade doll from a couple of blogs that I read. I purchased the material a couple of weeks ago and began drawing a pattern. I finally decided to go ahead and attempt it. I can sew squares together to make a quilt, but I have never attempted something like this. I think for my first time, it turned out pretty good. Aleeyah kept asking what I was doing as I was slaving away at the sewing machine. Once the body, legs, and arms were stitched together, she started to get it. Then she started asking about eyes, nose, and ears, and more importantly, the head!! She immediately wanted to hold her and so promptly placed the headless doll in her shopping cart and wheeled her around the house while I finished the doll's head. After Aleeyah went to bed, I sewed on the head, crocheted the scarf, and sewed on the eyes and mouth-which by the way, should have been done prior to stuffing and sewing on the head. It would have made the job much easier! After she was complete, I tiptoed into Aleeyah's room and laid the doll beside her. When Aleeyah awoke this morning, one of the first things she asked was, "Momma, where's her nose?" Honestly, after the eyes and mouth extravaganza, I decided being noseless wasn't too bad. Nobody likes a nose that is just runny all the time anyway!!!!

Today the girls have been inseparable! I hope to later today take them outside and get some pictures together. It's still pretty wet out this morning from all the rain we have got the last couple of days. Here are a few pictures to tide you over.
Let me know what you think!!!

Hand drawn pattern and material

Finished doll!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Love the new look of your blog! And I LOVE the doll! I'm so not creative like this, so I may have to pay you someday to make one for Sophie!

Jeana said...

Oh my that's the cutest thing...LOVE IT!!!! I'm with Kelly, go into business, HA!!! :-)

Kari and I may be starting a business, tell you more about it when we get everything ironed out!

compassiondave said...

Very nice! You are very creative Abbie!

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