Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Chance

As you know, I have said on more than one occasion that God led us to Kansas. He knew Aleeyah and I needed Chris to be in our life again and not on the road traveling all the time. He knew the pains in my life, some voids that needed mending. He knew that ultimately what means the most-is that my family is together again, to be able to raise our daughter together in Him. He knew I needed a change. With His lead and direction, here we are.

Now what have I decided to do with the opportunity? Well, I've had a couple of weeks to ponder on this very thing. If He led me-would it be right to not change my life? Would it be fair to say thank you Lord for getting me here and now I will go on with my daily activities and carry around the same pain I have carried around for several years? Well, I am telling all my readers today-I will not let that happen. I am giving my life to Him and I am going to do good things because I love Him and His people. Whether it be jumping on the bandwagon of "Going Green" or trying hard to go organic-I want to make a difference in the things I do daily. I want to be more involved with the children we sponsor. I want to start planning our mission trip to see our sponsored kids and to help in their community while we are there. I want to get healthy physically and emotionally and live my life as He intended. I have decided that I will no longer be muted. I will not let the negative things and past pain in my life cause me crumble under a rock. I will be the person I have always been without hiding it because of the people around me.

So what does that mean for you? That I will probably run off most of you with my giddiness for the Lord and the excitement of being happy! ha ha! But I trust that several of you reading this-will be happy for the change. Some of you have told me yourself, I need this. And after all the hard good-byes are over-I can finally agree with you. It doesn't make it easier to not be home where most of my family and friends are, but how can I question God's plan for my life? This is life-one chance. I no longer want to focus my eyes on the small things of life or the people and situations that I cannot change. I want my eyes to be open for God's beautiful blessing and the opportunities to make a difference.

I have had several long, intense talks with many of you lately. I have you and God to thank for the changes in my life-for the good changes. Thank you for listening, thank you for being a forever friend, and thank you most of all for supporting me and my family!

The pictures are of Aleeyah during one of our morning PB&J's (prayer, Bible, and journaling). We have been enjoying our time doing this together (if she gets up early enough). The morning air is cool and relaxing and we both enjoy a cup of coffee while spending time with God. Now before you call DHS-her coffee is not ACTUALLY coffee. It may look like a coffee cup, but in fact, it is chocolate milk! She loves it and hasn't quite caught on. She gets excited every morning and asks, "Momma, coffee?"

Have a great week!!!!

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Joanna said...

Love the idea of PB&J. Sounds like a great bonding time.

The paint color you asked about is called green hellebore. It's a Martha Stewart color from Lowes.

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