Sunday, July 13, 2008

Her jogging....high heels???

This afternoon we went on another 3 1/2 mile run/walk. While we were getting ready Aleeyah went in her room to put on her shoes. She came back out with her princess shoes! We decided-hey, why not!!! While she was sitting in her jogging stroller, she kept waving and saying hi to people as they passed and we couldn't help but to laugh when we realized she looks like she is a princess in a parade with those shoes on! And everyone was polite to say hi back to her.

We saw 3 bunnies while out today (one is pictured below). He wasn't scared of us even in all of Aleeyah's attempts to get down out of her stroller to chase him.

At one point, we were trying to decide which direction to go on the trails when we at the last minute decided to take the path just over the bridge. To our surprise, we found a beautiful pond. It was a very nice surprise indeed!

I won't continue to go on about how much we love the trails, but I do have more pictures to share! A few are pretty grainy with the new camera because I zoomed in too much, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

Aleeyah in her jogging...high heels???


Da MiMi said...

I suspect her Aunt "La" would approve of that lil girl's choice of shoes! Love from da mimi

Amy Bryan said...

haha...that's adorable! they just had a "high heel athon" where people raced in their high heels on Regis and Kelly... ha.

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