Saturday, July 12, 2008

Concert in the Park

During the summer you can find multiple free concerts around the Kansas City area. One of the local parks hosts many of these concerts. Most of the bands are bands that we have never heard of, but some are big time bands. Cody, Mark, Chris, Aleeyah, and I decided after dinner yesterday to meet my dad out at the park to listen to a bluegrass band. I have learned to appreciate all music on different levels so I can truly say that I enjoyed it. Aleeyah was cracking us up-jumping and dancing all over the place. Dad even took her down closer to the stage to dance with everyone else. Later, everyone packed up to head back to the house except for Dad and I. One of the guys on the stage played the fiddle and it was beautiful to listen to while we relaxed under the moon. There were lots of lights on the stage, but all that lit the field of spectators was the moon and the fireflies.

I did get a chance to get a few pictures before it got too dark. They aren't great, but they will do! The video is of Aleeyah showing off her Smarties at the concert. She was more excited about the Smarties than anything else at that point!

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