Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alphabet Fun--Letter C

Finally, the letter C!!! Things are finally starting to slow down and get settled so maybe I will get back to our Alphabet Fun. I know, I know. You have been anxiously waiting and just couldn't sleep without getting your Alphabet

I thought of some cheesy lines to start this one. Like, cake takes the cake for letter C, but I soon realized I should just keep it to a minimum. :) Thankfully for you!!! But moving on. One of the things we enjoy is cake! Who doesn't though, right? (Aleeyah's first birthday)

The next thing on the list is cleaner. Now I don't want you to confuse that with cleaning. We enjoy our fair share of messes around here. (Aleeyah's first try at baby foods)

And some things just never change...

But there is nothing like a clean house and the smell of cleaner! Unless, you mix them together and start creating your own science experiment. At some point, the smell is no longer a sweet aroma!

Chocolate, cookies, and candy. Pretty much anything remotely sugary! We even have bunnies that smell like chocolate (pictured below)

If you know Chris, you know he thoroughly enjoys cars! The picture is of him driving his car down the 1/4 mile track. We had some great times in that car. We spent a lot of time cruising around with the T-tops off. We were a part of a great car club and really had fun! Because it was a money pit (changed out transmission 3 times, blew the motor on the track one day), he made a decision after Aleeyah was born to sell it. He sold it to a guy in California. Hopefully, he doesn't look at this post. We just don't talk about his old car! :)

Alright, last one for the letter C. Aleeyah loves her Curious George. We bought him at Barnes and Nobles before she ever saw the show. Since then, she likes to watch the show and enjoys taking pictures of him. She took the first one of him herself and then I took one of them together.

Check back for the Letter D!!!!

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