Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Festivities!!!

Well, the 4th of July is come and gone and I am officially another year older! Chris keeps reminding me that I am almost 30, even though I still have another 3 years. It will be a long 3 years for him if he keeps it up! We had a great 4th and I had a wonderful birthday.

I have many great memories of my birthday with my family. Growing up we typically went out to 12th Street Park. I remember catching lightning bugs in the fields, the smell of watermelon, and the fun of just being together. Then somewhere in there, things changed and all our lives got busy. Thankfully, for several years after my niece and nephew came along, Chris and I got to enjoy taking them to see the fireworks. One of my favorite pictures I have of my niece is when she was around 2 years old standing in a field at Tinker Air Force base. It is adorable. Her chubby little legs being swallowed by the grass as she looked over her shoulder-knowing she was absolutely adorable. My most memorable 4th with my nephew was the time Chris and I took the kids to the show in Bethany. It was a concert and fireworks show, but the part I most remember is the excitement that came over Brett when we handed him a funnel cake. He was the happiest kid and it's all he could talk about the whole night. Never mind the concert or the fireworks for that matter-he had a funnel cake!!! ha ha! We got a good kick out of it.

We spent Aleeyah's first 4th of July back at 12th Street Park with some of our family and enjoyed her 2nd one miles away in Branson, MO in the inside of a car during the rain. This year we didn't quite know what to expect when it came to Aleeyah and the fireworks. Was she going to clap in delight or squeal in horror?

To start of our day, we took Aleeyah over to my dad's house and hit the trails for a 9 mile ride, spent the afternoon chillin', and then met back up with Dad, Sherry, and Cody later that evening. We spent the hours before the fireworks playing Frisbee, boccie ball, and even snuck up on 4 deer. The weather was perfect (somewhere in the high 70s), the park was amazing, and the company enjoyable. They even bought a cake and watermelon and sang happy birthday to me! The show started just after dark and it was by far the best show we all had ever been to. Overall, we had a WONDERFUL time!

Hope your holiday was just as great!!!

Enjoy the pictures and slide show below.

Oh, and by the way-Aleeyah didn't quite squeal in horror, but did hide her eyes and ears under the blanket the entire time during the firework show.

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