Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're HERE.....or there-depending on how you look at!

Well, we have made it to Kansas a little earlier than expected. We are not closing on our house until the end of the month but thankfully (in some ways) we were able to move sooner. Just before Father's Day weekend I talked to the movers and they informed us that they would be able to move our stuff that following Wednesday and deliver it on Friday. At that's where the emotional rollercoaster started again. Parts of me were filled with joy thinking about how nice it will be to live with my husband again, but the other part of me knew this was it. It made me happy to think about living closer to my Dad and brother, but sad to think about living farther from all my other family and friends.

The move went pretty painlessly, but where there was no pain there was exhaustion. I rushed around just days before the move-filling boxes with all our precious JUNK.
It was a rush of wanting to see everyone before we left, but unfortunately, not enough time. Maybe that was God's way of making it easier on me. Maybe He knew I could not handle any more good-byes.

It has taken several days of unpacking to get to a point of feeling a bit more relaxed. It helps that the apartment is now filled with our things. It's nice to be able to see Chris daily again and Aleeyah is enjoying her new, bigger room! We are all adjusting well and Chris is still loving his new job!

Our cell numbers are the same for now. We will keep our old emails for at least a month and we are in the process of getting the new ones set up. Send me a message if you want our new address and emails.

Well, I have more boxes to unpack! Here are a couple of pictures. I will post some of the new place soon.

Some of our stuff loaded onto the back of my dad's truck. We got a kick out of how my dad tied down Aleeyah's Big Wheels.

Aleeyah helping unpack and move her stuff

Our first trip to the park since we have been in Kansas

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