Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update, Weekend Fun, & a Prayer Request

Well, we have officially lived in Kansas for a little more than a week and I have to say-we are adjusting quite nicely. We have just a few more boxes to unpack in the house and some organizing in the garage to do and we will be all done with boxes! I meant to take pictures today of the house, but just didn't get to it. I promise I will do that tomorrow and get those posted for everyone to see. The house in Oklahoma is empty and clean and we close on it tomorrow! It will be nice for that to be off our minds.

We had a great weekend. Cody, Aleeyah, and myself went to the pool on Friday. Since the weather here is about 10ish degrees cooler than Oklahoma-the pool was a bit chilly at first, but we got use to it quickly. We are looking forward to spending more time hanging out at the pool this summer. Saturday we were busy running around taking care of a few things and getting some shopping done, but we made time to hit he zoo. We went with my dad and his girlfriend along with her daughter and granddaughter. The zoo is absolutely amazing. There is so much to see and do and its all FREE! I definitely see Aleeyah and I going there often to talk about God's creatures and spend time learning about them. ***See pictures below*** We ended the evening at Dad's house for dinner.

Then this morning we hit one of the local congregations to spend some time with God. It was......different than worshiping at Oakcrest in a lot of ways but ultimately the same. Since they have 2 services, class doesn't start until 9:45. I have to admit-it was pretty nice having a little bit more time in the mornings to get ready. We met a lot of really nice people and were really jazzed about the excitement the congregation shows during the singing. Aleeyah was really excited about going to Bible class and did great going to class. We were afraid she would be clingy to us, being at a new place and all, but she was a trooper. We plan on going there a couple more times to get a good feel of an average Sunday.

On another note, we learned upon entering the classroom this morning that one of their sisters in Christ passed away this weekend. I was saddened to hear that she left behind a husband and 2 boys. I gathered from the way that everyone spoke, she was sick for quite sometime before she passed. Although my heart was heavy for them, I couldn't help but be encouraged by the things that they said about her-as they described her and her love for God and His people. Please include her family in your prayers today. The message during the sermon happened to be about leaving a legacy. It definitely brought our hearts to a level we hadn't expected, but we left smiling as 5 people were baptized this morning. God is so good!

Well, we are heading into a pretty busy week, but I will definitely post the pictures of our new home tomorrow. Have a good week!

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