Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alphabet Fun--Letter B

Alright! Time for the letter B. We have several in the B category but for time purposes we will stick to just a few!!!

One of our most favorite "B" things would have to be books which would also include the Bible. Aleeyah has always enjoyed looking at books and now she is having fun pointing out the letters in the books.

Bath time is always another fun sport. Just this evening she made a complete mess of the bathroom while taking a bath. That girl loves to splash!!!

Bubbles seems to always be a kid favorite. Nothing like slimy bubble residue all over the place causing more messes for moms everywhere to clean up! (picture is of my niece, Kira during bubble time!)

One of the things we are very excited about doing once we get to Kansas is going on the bike trails and enjoying every moment of it! We all LOVE to go biking!!! I have so many great memories of going on bike rides with my dad and sister. I look foward to sharing those with Aleeyah as well.

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