Friday, May 30, 2008

Updates Through Backblogging!

My friend, Lisa, informed me that what I am about to do is "backblogging". I have had several things to blog about but just not enough time!!! So here I am attempting to try to get caught up and no they probably wont be in any kind of order! :) So hang on!

We have been very busy around here lately. Lots and lots to do!!! I am ready to announce the big news but will probably save it for my last insert of today (which actually you will probably end up reading first since it last--hope that made sense).

Aleeyah has been out of school the last couple of weeks and had her first school program to end the year (pictures and video to come). So in all the craziness of the last couple of weeks she has really stepped up to be mommy's helper. She has really amazed me over the last couple of weeks with her ability to retain information. Like I said a couple of months ago she has learned to recognize all her upper case letters. She now has learned about 1/2 of her lower case (or baby letters as we call them so she will comprehend it better..ex A=momma A and a=baby A). She recognizes several letters in sign language and can even do a few of them herself when asked to sign a certain letter (without me showing it to her first). I am so thankful that we get to spend as much time together as we do. I love watching her grow and learn so many new things.

Chris started his new job this week and is LOVING it. He is real happy with the new work environment and all his new computer geek friends! ha ha! He has truly been happy in his job and already feeling like a part of the crew. I am so happy to see him getting excited about his career again.

As far as I go--Vacation Bible School is this week!!! Although fun to coordinate, it can be very exhausting keeping everything straight and organized. We went and did some last minute shopping today and even got a little panicked when I found out YESTERDAY that my 5/6th grade teacher would no longer be able to make it. But those things are to be expected and Lord always provides. We have probably over 100 pre-registered kids so far! I am excited about this year and the opportunity that we have to reach out to kids and teach them all about sharing God's love through service to others. If you are able to make it-it is this Sunday-Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm. It should be fun times!! Things will be slowing down for me soon-more to come in the big news section!!!

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