Friday, May 30, 2008

Home is where the.....for sale sign is????

Due to some changes in our lives, now has become time to sell the place we call home. A little Hamblin history--Chris and I were married on August 7, 1999 and we lived in an apartment for our first year and that is where we began to save and save for our first place. About 8-9 months later we began construction on our new house. We picked a chunk of land by the lake and on a culdesac. We had watched this house go through all the stages of construction. We always made a point to try and visit everyday. We walked through the house just made of sticks and concrete and imagined where everything would go, which rooms would be used for what, and how we would decorate. We imagined entertaining guests lakeside-laughing and talking. We imagined ourselves sitting out on the back porch watching the birds flying over the water while we talked about growing old together. On August 16, 2000, we were handed the keys to our first home. But never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that this little house would grow in so many big ways!

On August 14, 2005, we brought our little girl home and there we began our journey of making our house truly a home. The land we bought became the backyard that we played in with our puppies and the grass we laid in with Aleeyah to watch the stars. The pond became the place that we first taught Aleeyah to fish and where we watched together as the gooslings grew into geese. It became the place we began teaching Aleeyah about God's big amazing backyard. Our living room became the place that we laughed and talked for hours with our friends and family. The kitchen counters became the place that all 26 family members and friends filled with food during holidays. The room that once held our left over stuff was painted a shade of purple and became our daughter's bedroom-the very room that I have spent many hours in wonderment while I watch her sleep. It is also the bedroom that she will probably never remember in her teen years while I strive to remember all the times we spent together playing, laughing, and cuddling. From tragedy to turmoils, there has been tears shed while we were here, but I can truly say there have been many more tears of joy and gratefulness in this house because the Lord has blessed us in more ways than we could ever dream.

Sometimes, I fear that a lot of these memories will be forgotten just as we will be forgotten by our neighbors as we move along in our lives. I know the house does not make our family grow and it is in our minds and hearts that we hold our memories, but sometimes I just can't imagine calling anywhere else home.

Well, I guess it's about time for me to start getting use to the idea. The house went on the market this last Sunday and only 6 days later, we have had multiple offers and have accepted one. Our closing date is at the end of June. It is going to a young couple and I can't help but smile when I think about how the life of our first home will continue to be enriched by the families that dwell in it.

The first couple of pictures are of the land before the house was built and then, of course, there is the picture of Chris and I proudly standing in our sticks!

Here are a couple of the house now!


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Congrats on having a contract already, that's so wonderful. I saw the listing - your house looks FABULOUS! We thankfully have a contract on our house, too, and we're closing on the 10th of June. Yea.

Anonymous said...

I shall not cry...I shall not cry...I shall...

Brian and Shannon Plumb said...

Hey Ms Abbie (aka one of the two part of labbie:)) I am so glad you guys sold your house so fast! I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping you would never sell it! :)

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