Thursday, May 1, 2008

Animal Sounds and Dating

I wanted to stop by real quick and share a funny video we took of Aleeyah the other day doing animal sounds. I love how she imitates a zebra and giraffe chewing since they aren't much of noise makers.

We are heading out to the zoo tomorrow for a picnic and animal watching with Aleeyah's friend Trey and his mom-who happens to be my friend Kandi-ha ha. So we will have some zoo pictures coming soon! Funny thing is-we were having a hard time getting Aleeyah to stay in bed and go to sleep. It only took telling her she needed to get her beauty sleep because we were going to go see the animals at the zoo tomorrow with Trey. Then she excitedly said Trey and ran off to her room to return to bed! So after we chaperon her date tomorrow-I will post some pics!

Until then, enjoy the video!

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