Friday, May 30, 2008

Aleeyah's School Program

Aleeyah had her first school program a couple of weeks ago. I would love to say that my child stood up there and sang with so much delight in her heart and was the star of the show. Unfortunately, I cannot say that, BUT I CAN say that all the other kid's parents were just as fortunate as I was. Their song that they were to sing was, Itsy Bitsy Spider. They came out in their cute little spider hats and sat down on the stage. I saw a few fingers moving and maybe a couple of words came out here and there, but really-her teacher Mrs. Tracy stole the show!!! They were cute none-the-less!!! Then afterwards they marched around to a very cute dinosaur song which the kids seemed to like much more. It was hard to get it all on video, but you will have to trust me that it was adorable.

The first pictures are of Aleeyah right before we left for her last day of school for this year. There are a couple of pictures of her on the stage. The last picture is of her and her two teachers, Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Sheila. I just realized the video is still on the video camera so I will have to post that at a later date.

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