Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Mini-Trip to Kansas

We got an opportunity this last weekend to go to Kansas to see my dad and my "little" brother. I say "little" because although he is younger than me-he is much taller than I am. I think he may even be a little bit taller than Chris now. I have a hard time seeing him any older than 4, but I realized over the weekend-he will be graduating high school next year. Crazy! Anyways-we had a really good time hanging out with the family and on top of everything, I got to enjoy my dad's cooking!

On Saturday, we went to this free petting zoo. Dad thought it was just a little petting zoo and he wanted to take Aleeyah because he has been wanting to go, but felt a little odd going without someone under the age of 10. It was an amazing place and not so little either. It was pretty unbelievable that it was free and we will definately be returning to see the rest of it. We all enjoyed the zoo tremendously, but Cody and Aleeyah seemed to have the most fun! Well, I have a ton of pictures in the slideshow below and I will tell the story as it goes! **For some reason on a few of the slides the words are getting chopped off. I'm not sure what to do to fix it.**

I have a few other things to post. I'll try to get it done tonight too, but no promises! So be checking back!

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