Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Look At Us Now!!!!!!

Well, I am super excited about our new look! My friend had paid someone to design her page and it got me to thinking-our's needs some help. Of course, I am cheap and like to do things myself so I found an online free digital scrapbooking kit (backgrounds, embellishments, and such). Here is the website if anyone is interested: . They also have an area that has different elements for sale. If you like to design things digitally-it's a great resource!

I hope you like the new look!!! I've been trying to find a way to use the picture of Aleeyah's hiney! ha ha

BTW-I know I have yet to upload the video I promised. I will do it soon-keep checking back!


Da MiMi said...

Okay now, You know I love your blogs but am not a poster. That said, I just couldn't resist. Your new blog look is awesome - just right for spring. And of course you have to know that this is one MiMi that loves the "hiney shot". It is one pic that will definitely be pulled out for prospective boyfriends! Love to all, Benita

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Abbie, this looks AWESOME. Ben and I redesigned ours on Saturday, but it was just a feeble attempt b/c we didn't have any cool stuff to use. We talked about photo shop last night and how expensive it is. I'm so glad you shared your secrets and I'm excited to play around with this! You did a great job!!

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