Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Chris made it home on Friday night and we have been enjoying our time together. He should be at home for at least the next week. Aleeyah and I are so happy to have him back again. I know he was only gone for a couple of weeks, but it was a LONG 2 weeks.

This afternoon and on into the evening we were suppose to go to the Redhawks game and to watch Jeremy Camp in concert. We were looking forward to being able to go, but a few things came up and we weren't able to make it. We decided to just spend time with each other here at the house.

We spent our time teaching Aleeyah how to hit a ball off a tee, we played in the sandbox, and eventually, went fishing. Aleeyah picked out her Barbie fishing pole and was very excited about it-even though I am sure she didn't understand what it was. She didn't have a lot of patience since she had no clue as to what was going on....until she caught her first fish and then she was hooked! She enjoyed reeling him in and then Chris talked to her about all his fishy parts. They pointed out his eyes, gills, and fins and even felt his slimy skin.

Watching the two of them together reminded me of some really great times with my own Dad. He use to take my sister and I to go fishing when we were younger. We really had fun spending time with him. I remember always having to go to the bathroom as soon as we got out by the pond, I remember the train we use to ride at the pay pond, and I remember being just as impatient as Aleeyah was this evening.

I am so thankful for those moments that I had with my dad and just as excited that Aleeyah one day will look back and remember these very moments. The moments that don't cost much, but make such a huge impact on our hearts. The moments that we all stop our busy lives to find joy and peace in God's great wonders.

Next is a video of our fishing adventure. Out of all the video segments we have-the one segment that actually shows her reeling in the fish is corrupt somehow. I am going to try to figure it out, but for now the video does not show this part. :( **EDIT** GOT IT-SEE 2ND VIDEO!!!!

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