Friday, March 21, 2008

Greetings to God, Turtles Knocking, & Hair Like a Princess!

Just to lay it out there. The picture just to the left is currently what I am looking at as I am writing this blog. It's an absolutely beautiful day in Oklahoma. I decided (while Aleeyah is sleeping) I would sneak off to the backyard for a bit of quiet time.

Of course, lately, any day that is warmer than 60 degrees we try to spend it outside. So we did just that today. This morning, Benita (Chris' mom) stayed at the house while I went and got some stuff done for church. They played with blocks, hopped on the stepping stones, and even said Hi to God way up in the sky. I couldn't take missing out on the fun and came home to enjoy my time with them. We blew bubbles and took a little walk by the pond. Aleeyah enjoyed watching the turtles stick their tiny, little heads out of the water. She loves to point out the birds which there are always plenty. We even ATTEMPTED to fly a kite. It was sad and we even had an audience across the pond to laugh at our efforts. It felt nice to be able to get outside and soak up the sun!

Our neighborhood is built around a pond and I have to say I have really been enjoying looking at it over the last couple of months. Out of the 8 years that we have lived here, I ha vent really appreciated it like I do now. Maybe it is for the fact that the city just recently started taking care of it-mowing, treating the weeds, and providing trash cans for the fishers. It could be the fact that Aleeyah is getting old enough to enjoy it.

It sometimes seems weird to me that a place that can be so relaxing can also bring so much craziness. Between the beavers taking out my weeping willow tree and attacking my cat through the window to the fire that started just beyond our back gate which left us without our home and most of our belongings for a few months. Neighbors shooting beavers, geese laying eggs behind our bushes, water turtles knocking at our front door, and of course, the live turkey waiting on our front door step 2 days before Thanksgiving is only some of our adventures at the Hamblin Homestead. In some ways I will miss it when we move. I don't love my house, but I love the memories that it given us. Chris and I built it just a year after we got married. We have had many pets which include hamsters, fish, an iguana, dogs, a cat, and a bird. And of course, there is our little Aleeyah who doesn't seem to be so little anymore.

Well, I guess that is it for now. For your enjoyment-the only pictures I have for this week. I straightened Aleeyah's hair (trying to decide what we are doing with it for Easter) and Chris asked me to take pictures for him (he is currently in New York on Long Island-which Aleeyah and I may very well get to go visit with him in the next month :), but more on that later!). I didn't realize how long her hair was and it really made me see how uneven it is. She hasn't ever had it cut so I figured it would be a little off, but it's pretty uneven. After we straightened it, she kept swaying her head back and forth so it would brush against her back and arms. We kept calling it her princess hair. She is such a girl!!!!

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Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

I love the new look of your page! Also, Aleeyah's straight hair is cute. Sad we missed Easter with you guys - see you next Sunday!

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