Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Candy Overload!

Chris got home from New York Saturday night and we went out to find Aleeyah white dress shoes and a sweater. Even with it being the night before Easter, we were in luck and found what we needed on our first attempt. I was ready to face my consequences of waiting until the last minute and was prepared to search the world over for these items-Children's Place had 1 white sweater left and it happened to be Aleeyah's size! I'll be honest-I thanked God for this little gift He gave us.

We had a really good Easter. We had decided not to host the Easter festivities like we normally do because Chris was only home for 1 day from New York. So it was small and quiet, but a good time nonetheless. After church we had our annual Egg Hunt. We had roughly 13,000 eggs! There is no hiding eggs when you have that many. So after Aleeyah's basket was full we headed on home to for our Easter festivities. Chris' parents came over for chicken and burgers. They left before we had a chance to do the egg hunt so we decided to wait until after naptime to do the hunt. We did get some kit flying time in before we laid her down. I redeemed myself from last time I attempted this as the kite flew as high as our string would allow. The Easter bunny came while Aleeyah was napping, so once she woke up she was excited to get outside to find the eggs that he had left her. We were able to hide them a little more than last year so it was fun to watch her try and find them.

Overall, it was a different Easter than normal. Growing up, Easter was a big family event and I never would have imagined just our little family of 3 hunting eggs, but we made the most of it and really enjoyed our time together. Aleeyah's Pee-Paw and her Aunt Lauren did call (they live out of state) to wish her a Happy Easter and I was very thankful for that.

Now, hopefully soon, all the candy will be gone and we will get back to the times that Aleeyah didn't ask me for candy daily! The fact that I keep throwing some of it away here and there should help. I hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter!

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